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Saturday, June 22 2002

Contributed by: dbsmall

Southwest's about to start charging people for occupying more than one seat. Seems fair to me. Now if we can figure out a way to charge folks who are smellier, louder, more annoying, ... The report's here.
Some of the objectors have a dizzying logic. “If a person takes up more than one seat, that's not the problem of the person, that's the problem of the seat.” I wonder: why she thinks a business is obligated to charge every consumer the same price. (After all, the problem of the seat is actually that it's uncomfortable. If the plane were dynamically configurable, so that passengers all consumed and payed for precisely the space, air, etc. they needed, would that be unfair of the airlines to implement? if she tries the same logic at the ice cream parlor. “That 5-year old kid got more ice cream than he could eat for $1. I demand that you give me more ice cream than I can eat for $1. It's Nazism if you don't.” why they think one group of people (smaller folks) should subsidize the consumption by another group (larger folks) when the difference is easily measurable.
That said, I'm not gargantuan --- 5'8” and 160 lbs. --- and if there's to be a single seat size for all passengers, I don't object to it being a little larger.

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