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Tuesday, August 21 2018

Top 5 Movies I\'ve Seen This Year

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  1. Lord of the Rings

  2. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

  3. About a Boy

  4. American Pie 2

I can't think of a 5th.

Star Wars II was dreadful. Spiderman was entertaining, but not worthy of the list. Ditto Harry Potter. And The New Guy was far better than I would have expected (and not just Eliza Dushku's bikini modelling scene), but still not something I'll even remember, next year.

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how about 10 movies?
Authored by: norcalfella onMonday, June 24 2002
that I\'ve seen in the past 9 months - total, and only 1 of those was in a theater (we\'re talking movies released over that period)

I think that speaks to the quality of movies since I consider myself a huge fan of motion pictures.

If I had to rate them (which I will, of course) it would look like this:

1. Spider Man (gotta disagree with DB) which I think was a quality super hero film that ranks with Superman II and Batman among the best. I have not seen a Tobey Maguire film that I didn\'t like a great deal - Wonder Boys is at the top.

2. Ocean\'s Eleven, and we are dipping a lot to the second slot. I think I grew to appreciate it even more after seeing the drab, boring, and uneventful original that absolutely wasted the likes of Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and yes, Mr. Roper from Three\'s Company. O11 was well put together and the cast played their parts well.

3. Monsters, Inc. which was good clean fun. Nothing spectacular but enjoyable.

4. Star Wars II, proving that a movie doesn\'t have to be great to earn almost 300 mil and climbing. Feels a lot like Lucas is simply going through the motions, telling the story and forgetting that he is supposed to also be entertaining the audience. It becomes even more difficult when everyone knows the end result.

5. Joy Ride, which for what it is (a low budget film with few actors, none of which are stars) turned out fairly entertaining and engaging. Sort of an original idea as well, although they could have worked a few more scares into it.

6. The One, which highlights Jet Li to the maximum effect. A fairly original concept with good action sequences, but not enough to put it over the top.

7. Jeepers Creepers, which marks the part of the list that now I\'m just warning people about what not to see. Hardly scary, hardly interesting, and amazing that they are making a sequel.

8. Don\'t Say a Word, which begs the question, \"Is Michael Douglas just looking for a paycheck or what?\" I\'m thinking it\'s a psychological thriller, turns out more like a big bore with no memorable moments whatsoever.

9. The Others, which was good for about 10 minutes and horrid for the rest. A perfect example of too much buildup and not enough payoff. Nicole Kidman was excellent, but that\'s about it. This, by the way, is the one I saw in a theater which might explain why I haven\'t been back since.

10. Thirteen Ghosts, which contains nudity that doesn\'t involve Shannon Elizabeth so please don\'t see it if that was what you were hoping for. Not scary, not interesting, not original.
Top 5 Movies I\\\'ve Seen This Year
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Top 5 Movies I\\\'ve Seen This Year
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Top 5 Movies I\\\'ve Seen This Year
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Top 5 Movies I\\\'ve Seen This Year
Authored by: Anonymous onTuesday, July 10 2018
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