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Tuesday, July 17 2018

Harrison Ford, biggest movie star ever?

EntertainmentOkay, so I\'m not suggesting the guy is the greatest actor ever, but when you stop to add up the grosses of the guy\'s films the numbers get staggering. When counting his top 11 grossing films (the ones of his 27 that topped 100 million in domestic earnings) the figure is over 2.4 billion (source: and that\'s a lot of clams last I checked. I would venture to say that he is probably over 4 billion when all films are factored in.

Given the fact that he has a trio of franchises (han solo, jack ryan, indiana jones) making up 8 of those films, it is not hard to figure out how he reached this outrageous figure. Along the way he has starred in 4 of the top 25 films and 8 of the top 67 of all-time.

I challenge anyone to come up with another actor who has come anywhere close to this figure, and remind everyone that our boy Tom Cruise has been in many 100 million plus films (7 to be exact, totalling 1.1 billion) but only Mission Impossible II (215M, #35) comes close to Ford-esque. Jeff Goldblum had a good thing going for a while, appearing in a pair of Jurassic Parks and Independence day (895 million for the three) but let\'s just say that Cats & Dogs is not going to put him over the top.

Tobey Maguire seems to be off to a good start with the Spider Man franchise (390 million to date) but whoever is chasing Ford down may want to give it up because momentum is building that Indy 4 will be made. Harrison\'s only request, according to, is that girlfriend Calista Flockhart be given a role in the film. Now there is someone who doesn\'t have to worry about paying for an extra seat on an airplane.
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Don\'t forget Tom Hanks
Authored by: Anonymous onTuesday, July 09 2002
Although Tom Hanks has been focusing on more artistic films recently, Tom Hanks top 11 movies have grossed B. Other top grossing stars are Eddie Murphy at .6 B for top 11, Robin Williams at .45 B for top 11, and Mel Gibson .2 B for top 11.

On a related note, Steven Spielburg for films he was director has toped B.
Harrison Ford, biggest movie star ever?
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Harrison Ford, biggest movie star ever?
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