Sports expansion/contraction makes no sense

Friday, June 28 2002

Contributed by: norcalfella

The latest sports team to hop a bus out of town is the Charlotte Hornets, who have high tailed it southwest to New Orleans. Still no word on whether or not they will demand their mascot (the Jazz) back from Utah. There\'s a lotta jazzing going on in Utah though, right? What is troubling is that only days after the bus left Carolina, they were already talking expansion in Charlotte! ( Someone please explain this to me. While you\'re at it, tell me what the NFL\'s Indinanapolis Colts, Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns, Tennessee Titans, Arizona Cardinals, and St. Louis Rams have in common? This one I know the answer to: they have all played musical cities in recent years.

Only 5 years after the Oilers left Houston, the city is granted an expansion franchise. If I\'m in charge, there is a 15 year waiting period if a city loses their team. I say force the Ravens\' roster back to Cleveland, switch the Rams & Cardinals rosters, ditto for the Texans & Titans, then make the Colts roster play in Baltimore and put the \"Cleveland Browns\" roster in Indianapolis.

Then we\'d have our Baltimore Colts back, continuity for the Cleveland Browns, the St. Louis Cardinals would return, the Houston Oilers come back as well, and the Arizona Rams and Indianapolis Ravens would be new to the football universe.

Now baseball, which seems to have more involved, but not really. Don\'t contract the Expos, Twins, or anyone else. If they can\'t support the team there are plenty of cities who will, just ask the NFL. D.C. wants the Expos and just because the Baltimore Orioles are bent out of shape doesn\'t mean a metropolitan area can\'t support a pair of teams. Just ask New York, Chicago and the Bay Area. Anyway, that\'s my opinion, what\'s yours?

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