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Sunday, July 15 2018

Kelly Clarkson is the American Idol

In what had to be the most drawn out talent contest of all time, the small town girl from Texas took home the million dollar record contract but ... I have to say that Christina Christian (no typo, her parents really named her that) and Tamyra Gray were punked out by the call-in votes and exited much earlier than they should have.

However, it is very evident that finalists Kelly and Justin Guarini (the only hit with the young gals) are both bound for some level of stardom after the show. Kelly gets an instant single and the notorierty, probably a talk show tour as well, but all 10 finalists are going out on a tour. I can't help thinking of it as a little bit Brady Bunch, but whatever.

Overall it was an entertaining show other than Dunkleman and Seacrest, the buffoons who hosted it. Dunkleman's saving grace was a one liner ripping the Florida voters in the second to last episode. If not for Simon Cowell the "judges" (who had zero say when the field hit 10, and only picked 1 of the final 30 to reach that 10) would have been a complete bust. You can count on AI2 next summer.
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Kelly Clarkson is the American Idol
Authored by: norcalfella onSaturday, June 25 2005
For the second time, the AI franchise is splitting off. Yes, you probably don't remember American Juniors where little kids apparently competed. For this effort it will be 10 celebrities (that term is loose, mind you) who think they can get a career going. An example might be someone like Paris Hilton although don't expect her to actually be on the show.

This comes on the heels of NBC announcing a similar reality effort following other folks in the public eye as they try to spark a new career in the music industry.

that's my take