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Sunday, July 15 2018

Reality TV update: Big Brother ending, Survivor/Amazing Race starting

Big Brother 3 is winding down, with the finale set for September 25. Survivor 5 kicked off this week, and Amazing Race 3 is starting on October 2. All on CBS, your home for reality TV. In Big Brother 3, lately there has been about as much drama as which line at the grocery store is going to go the fastest. Danielle and Jason's good cop/bad cop alliance has carried them into the final 3, with Jason getting to deliver the blow to Amy in the last eviction. Hats off to Amy, who was nominated in all but 1 week of her stay in the house (aside from the week she won HOH) and was the first Big Brother contestant to earn the right to return to the game. It also led to a classic moment when Amy's dog pissed all over the "meet and greet" room following her eviction.

At this point, Jason, Danielle, and "ride Danny's coattails girl" Lisa are sitting in a boat inside a dough boy pool with water splashing down on them while they try to hold onto a key. Clearly if Lisa wins, she KO's Jason. Otherwise, I do believe Jason and Danielle will both show Lisa the door. They've come too far together not to, and as my girlfriend points out, Danielle has probably got a deal with Jason to split the money because ...

Who is really going to vote for Danielle to win over Jason? Roddy, Tonya, Eric, and Marcellus I see voting against Danielle. Gerry, Amy, Lisa (or Jason) and Josh will probably vote for her, with Lori and Chiara as wild cards. If it goes 5-5, the tie break is call-ins from the public. Jason's popularity has dwindled (once 86% it is now 76%) but Danielle is 44%. Good night dear.

If Lisa goes up against Danielle, I am sure the same foursome will vote against Danielle, and Lori might also. Again, in a tie, Lisa is the most popular player at 80%. Sorry Danny, you conniving little *#$*#%

Meanwhile, Survivor 5 kicked off, and as I had hoped they would do, the tribes were selected by team captains. Jake picked a group of young, physically able people to form Sook Jai. Jan went with people you'd see at the DMV to make up Chuay Gahn. After their usual silly bickering over how/where to build shelter and who does what, it was time for the immunity challenge.

Surprisingly, CG was leading by a wide margin until Ghandia was sent to solve a puzzle. She took several minutes, then later said she was made nervous when the other team's member (Jed) arrived. Huh? You were alone for plenty of time to finish it, and Jed stepped right up, did the task and got going. She left them as far behind as they were ahead, and it was off to Tribal Council.

So what does the weak tribe do? They vote off not Ghandia the screwup, not Jan the old bat who put together a weak team, not Tanya who threw up the whole time, they vote off John the pastor by a 6-1-1 vote (John's voted for Ghandia, Helen voted for Clay). Apparently the didn't like his take charge attitude. Good going, enjoy your regular trips to TC guys.

Looking forward to Amazing Race 3, should be lots of fun.
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