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Sunday, July 15 2018

NFL Power Rankings 11/25/02

Maybe Gruden was worth all those draft picks and all that money after all because the Bucs now have a grip on the NFC race for home field. In the AFC, unless you are Houston or Cincinnati you have not only playoff dreams but a definite shot to win a division title. It is not that surprising that Miami, Denver and Pittsburgh would be crowned division champs if the season ended today, and given that every team entered the AFC South with a losing record in 2001 you can’t say that Indy is a surprise either. Then you’ve got Oakland and San Diego as the wild cards, with 4 teams a game back and another 4 two games back.

Thankfully, Koy Detmer spared the world from his infamous celebration, but certainly the nation was surprised that Philly spanked SF even without McNabb in uniform. Detroit’s head coach was called a moron by just about everyone who covered their game when he let Chicago have the ball to start OT, leading to a game winning field goal drive. Warren Sapp is pretty much an idiot, basically calling out Mike Sherman, who has got to be in his late 40’s or early 50’s, to essentially a fight. Next thing you know he’ll be asking Georgia Frontiere if she wants to fight. On to the meaningless but fun power rankings.

1 (1) Tampa Bay (9-2) They justified me putting them at the top spot with a down home whooping (at least by their standards) of the Packers. Now they face a tough final five.

2 (2) Green Bay (8-3) They’ve got a win over the next best team on my list, so they stay right where they are following a tough loss on the road to a quality opponent.

3 (3) Atlanta (7-3-1) After shutting out Carolina again, I think they have established that they know how to knock teams out.

4 (8) Oakland (7-4) Whatever happened during that four game skid has been long forgotten, and they are back in a tie for the lead in the NFL’s best division.

5 (10) Philadelphia (8-3) My bad. Apparently they don’t need a quarterback to blow out division leading teams.

6 (4) New Orleans (7-4) Deuce is the motor for their offense, so I view their loss to Cleveland as a mulligan because he should be back in action this week.

7 (11) Pittsburgh (6-4-1) Kordell did a solid job putting this team back on course, and with plenty of weak competition ahead there is no reason to expect them to swoon.

8 (12) Miami (7-4) If they can beat San Diego 30-3 behind Lucas, how badly would they have beaten them with Fiedler in the lineup?

9 (7) San Francisco (7-4) Getting blown away by a guy who was best known for his “Beavis and Butthead” celebration is an embarrassment.

10 (16) Indianapolis (7-4) Very impressive win at Denver, and suddenly they are your AFC South leaders.

11 (9) Denver (7-4) The good news is that they play every game during the day, where they are 7-0. The bad news is that some playoff games are scheduled for prime time now.

12 (5) St. Louis (5-6) How was that not Warner tucking the ball on the “fumble” that cost them a victory? Bad call, but this team can still put together a run for that wild card spot.

13 (6) San Diego (7-4) I give them some respect and they play like I expect them to, horribly. Their biggest win is over Oakland, a team they give problems to even if they are in the midst of a 5-11 season .

14 (14) New England (6-5) They almost blew a 21 point lead to a team with no pass defense, and in my opinion are no sure thing to make the playoffs.

15 (21) NY Jets (6-5) For now, they are in the mix, but we’ll see how they fare at Oakland to determine how far they’ve come. It will be their third game there this calendar year.

16 (20) Cleveland (6-5) I hate to reward them this much for beating the Deuce-less Saints, but you can’t ignore the fact that they are playoff contenders right now.

17 (22) Baltimore (5-6) I don’t like coach Billick, but he is a master motivator and I saw the upset win over Tennessee a mile away. Let’s see if they build off of it.

18 (13) Tennessee (6-5) They lost another game they could have won, but still control their destiny in terms of winning the AFC South title.

19 (23) Washington (5-6) If they had some stability they might have some consistency to go along with it. As it is, they are the team no one wants to play.

20 (18) Buffalo (5-6) Teams have caught up to their offensive scheme, but they haven’t caught up to other offenses. It’s that simple.

21 (25) Seattle (4-7) It takes character to play a complete game and beat a team contending when you are out of the race. They did it.

22 (15) Kansas City (5-6) The defense regressed, and after holding down a few top 10 offenses they got shredded by Hasselbeck and Koren Robinson. Ouch.

23 (17) NY Giants (6-5) With a golden opportunity to draw even with the Eagles staring them in the face, they lost to an expansion team. They need another Fassel playoff guarantee.

24 (28) Dallas (4-7) Their defense is probably saying to themselves “hey, score 21 every week and we’ll never lose” and they are right.

25 (19) Jacksonville (5-6) They appear to be their own worst enemy, and now must survive a visit from Pittsburgh to stay in the playoff race.

26 (26) Arizona (4-7) What the hell was that behind the back flip of the ball by Plummer? He looked like a point guard feeding a ball in the lane.

27 (24) Minnesota (3-8) They didn’t play that poorly at New England, and my advice to them is to lose every game so they can draft a running mate for Moss.

28 (30) Chicago (3-8) It took a big time comeback and a bonehead decision to give up the ball in OT, but the eight game skid is finally over.

29 (32) Houston (3-8) I still think they would be underdogs against any team in the NFL, and hence should be rated 32, but after all they’ve won two of their last five games.

30 (27) Detroit (3-8) Why on earth would you give up the ball in overtime? Perhaps Marty figures draft position is his only hope to turn this team around.

31 (31) Cincinnati (1-10) They are a lot better than their record, but even at that they are probably only a 3-8 team if Dillon could have stretched six inches in those two painful losses.

32 (29) Carolina (3-8) They “earn” my bottom spot by being shut out for the second time by an Atlanta defense that is by no means spectacular. Until they win again, this is where they will remain.

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NFL Power Rankings 11/25/02
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