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Sunday, July 15 2018

What is terrorism?

PoliticThat's an honest question, prompted by Sarcasmo's website. She wondered whether dropping leaflets on Iraqi citizens was terrorism. I don't think it is. Here's what I think defines terrorism:
  1. The acts are by surprise, not preceeded by declaration or announcement
  2. The acts target civilians
  3. The purpose of the acts is to instill fear as a means of achieving political goals

In that capacity, I think the leaflet dropping fails the third test, as I don't think we're trying to instill fear on the citizens...we're trying to PROTECT them. (Also, I still think the rainbow-sprite color coded terrorism alert system is itself a form of terrorism.) Surely there's a definition which doesn't require divining the perpetrators intent. Anyone? Anyone? Beul-ler?
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What is terrorism?
Authored by: Sarcasmo onMonday, March 03 2003
Point taken, David, but I do have to argue with item 3. Our government has publically recommended (in an unofficially official way) that the Iraqi people take arms against Saddam Hussein if they don't want to be attacked.

I think these leaflets are more reminders that our armed forces are on their way--unless the Iraqi people act in the best interest of the US Government than a true warning to protect the citizens of Iraq.
What is terrorism?
Authored by: dbsmall onTuesday, August 12 2003
Aviation security color coding
Authored by: futurenow onWednesday, September 10 2003
What I like most about this plan is the claim that ~8% will turn up yellow will require additional screening and that 1-2% will not be allowed to fly. Is it really possible that 1-2 people per average flight are actually dangerous enough that they warrant being barred from the flight and possibly being arrested. That makes you wonder how many people on each bus are that dangerous (4-5%?). I'm scared now, I better support Patriot II, Victory Act, and Bush for ever. What we need is a state of emergancy, get rid of the congress so Bush can get stuff done to protect us from the pervasive threat around us.