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Tuesday, May 30 2017

Carmen Rasmusen is sent home as American Idol heats up, Trenyce stays alive and Joshua Gracin gets a wakeup call

EntertainmentI failed to produce a recap article because, well, I’m a busy guy. So I’ll again wrap my thoughts on this week as we head into the Fab Five on AI2. Push “read more” because I’m bound to piss someone off. I’ll also answer the burning question about Ryan Seacrest’s sexuality. Okay first off, this week’s performances were pitiful. I try not to duplicate Simon’s synonyms for bad, and it becomes difficult. When Kimberley Locke led off with “If You Asked Me To” I fully expected it to be one of the worst performances of the night. Ultimately it was the second best, although she looked plain and at times sounded very flat. Truly, however, I’m rooting for her and I’ve known she had the talent to grow into the competition as a dark horse. The judges have finally caught onto this notion, and the voters finally kept her off the bottom 3.

Clay Aiken is the golden boy, even if he does look like Alfred E. Neuman. Norcaldoll says “his hair sucks” although she wanted me to change the word “sucks” to “horrible”. Yeah, like I’m gonna change my direct quote. Whatever, he was consistent and steady with “I Could Not Ask for More” even though the dude does not look good in leather and needs to go on ABC’s Extreme Makeover show immediately.

Trenyce continues to avoid the guillotine, even if her outfit was awful and she sounded out of breath while singing “Have You Ever”. She looks scary to me, and my advice to those backstage with her is to hide your valuables. She was in the bottom 3, and probably will go this week or next. Long overdue if you ask me, and I agree with Simon that she will not win.

Joshua Gracin has lost his momentum thanks to the Iraq situation winding down. He sounded horribly ordinary with “That’s When I’ll Stop Loving You” and I felt sorry for him because the song had meaning for him. To avoid elimination next week he needs to go back to the well meaning country twang.

Carmen Rasmusen was a real underdog to make it this far, and wasn’t bad with “Love Will Lead You Back” although Simon turned his back on the girl he used his wild card pick on. I figured she’d get enough sympathy votes to stay alive, and draw all the blondie votes, but it didn’t happen for her. Whatever, she has more upside than many of the others.

Ruben Studdard seems like a cool guy, and after seeing his sense of style lately I’m crying out for him to bring back the 205 shirts. The dude’s voice is solid, but he needs to learn how to dress.

So if you want something to watch for this week, the battle is between Joshua Gracin and Lashundra Cobbins (oh yeah, she goes by Trenyce now, I keep forgetting) to see who will stay alive. A fella is going to win this competition because that’s what AI producers want. Will it be Ruben or Clay? I guess that’s the only question, other than why Ryan Seacrest doesn’t just come out of the damn closet. Simon asked “Where’s Arthur?” on the show and I’ve already picked up several overt indications that he’s gay. Why hide it brother? Okay, I’m done for now.

Carmen Rasmusen is sent home as American Idol heats up, Trenyce stays alive and Joshua Gracin gets a wakeup call | 3 comments | Create New Account
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I admit it
Authored by: dbsmall onFriday, April 25 2003
I don\'t understand the \"where\'s Arthur\" reference.
Carmen Rasmusen is sent home as American Idol heats up, Trenyce stays alive and Joshua Gracin gets a wakeup call
Authored by: Anonymous onThursday, April 20 2017
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