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Tuesday, August 14 2018

Top 9 sports jerks?

Top n ListsESPN ranks 'em. I think Randy Moss is talented, but saying he's got more talent than Jerry Rice? That's like saying superhot talent-of-the-week-garage-band is "going to be bigger than the Beatles", isn't it?
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Moss vs. Rice
Authored by: norcalfella onTuesday, May 20 2003
Talent is a word that is thrown around a lot by sports \"experts\". What they try to say is that Rice had to work very hard to become great while Moss naturally has the ability to be great. Make sense?

I suppose they mean that if Rice\'s work ethic was installed into the body of Moss you would have a superhuman wide receiver.

If you\'re looking for my take, Moss revolutionized the game with his downfield style. The QB could simply huck the ball down the sideline and Moss would take it from the defender regardless of the pass pattern or coverage. Rice never did that, it wasn\'t his game. So by that measure, if Moss ran patterns and worked out the way Rice does... I think you get the picture.

I find it hysterical that Richard Williams (pops of tennis phenoms Venus & Serena) says that the US flag represents racism. Gee, I thought it represented freedom and opportunity. Hate to say it like this, but I hear that Africa, Australia, Europe, South America, Asia and Antarctica are nice this time of year. Why not take the sisters on tour to some other continent? While you\'re at it, get Serena off the juice.