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Tuesday, August 14 2018

I surely hope this is a hoax

Other StuffNYC is starting the nation's first public gay high school. Now, it should be apparent that I'm a flaming liberal, by now. But a gay high school? I mean, turn that around. How about a "straight high school", justified by a claim that heterosexuals don't feel comfortable around gays. Or how about a "white" high school, what with racial tensions between minorities and caucasians?

I've got a different idea. Take all the public funds you were using to build another high school, and improve security in the schools you currently have. It just seems like separating people based on their preferences is likely to lead to more groupthink, more isolationism, more elitism, and more "justified" prejudice.
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I surely hope this is a hoax
Authored by: Sarcasmo onMonday, July 28 2003
I posted a bit on the Muted Drum, but I must admit my thoughts are fairly close to yours, David. Although rather than increase security, I'd like to see an increase in awareness and education so that every student can feel safe and supported by their school and mentors. By taking threatened students out of the social morray, we are simply enhancing the strength of those that threaten them.
I surely hope this is a hoax
Authored by: Anonymous onSunday, July 15 2018
Everyone hoped that it would've been a hoax but unfortunately, it was the reality. The told me about the scenario and it literally shocked me. I'm so pleased with the way the things are going.