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Tuesday, August 14 2018

Top 80\'s movies

Top n ListsTop eightiesest movies. The commentary makes this that much more funny.
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Good picks. I would add...
Authored by: MickeyLex onTuesday, August 19 2003
I would add: Karate Kid (pick one), Say Anything, Beat Street, Big, Batman, Ghostbusters...that's all I can think of right now (I was very young in the 80's) ;-)


Top 80\'s movies
Authored by: futurenow onTuesday, August 19 2003
What about the brat pack movies like Sixteen candles, Breakfast club, or other popular movies like Beverly hills cop, Porky's, National Lampoon Vacation, Flashdance, Top Gun, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Heathers let alone sci-fi cult favorites like Buckaroo Banzai, Repo Man, or horror movies like Faces of Death and Friday the 13th series. Seems the author of this story liked cheesy action movies or other movies that shouldn't have been made. I think that is a poor way to nominate the 80iest movies.
Top 80's movies
Authored by: dbsmall onTuesday, May 30 2006