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Thursday, July 19 2018

That\'ll show her

Other StuffA Kenyan man cut off his twigs 'n berries to teach his wife a lesson. What lesson was that? Don't cut off body parts?
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It\'s the latest thing
Authored by: dbsmall onWednesday, September 24 2003
And a German student cut off his penis and tongue after drinking tea made of Angels' Trumpets. Wow, what a ringing endorsement for that particular high. ("Coming down can be kind of rough, and hoo-boy, the hangover....")
That\\\'ll show her
Authored by: krunal onThursday, May 17 2018

McDonald’s the name is enough to remind you of the tasty food items that they offer. There is no need to tell you that it is one of the biggest restaurant chains in the world.

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