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Sunday, July 22 2018

NFL Power Rankings 11/20/03

SportOnly 3 teams in my top 12 made last yearís playoffs, and it appears there wonít be many repeat customers this time around. Obviously the Jets and Raiders are out, while the Steelers and Browns seem out just based on their sub .500 records and inability to put forth consistent performances. That leaves the Titans and Colts to carry on, and clearly there is a solid foursome when you mix in the Pats and Chiefs. The wild card race between Miami and Denver should be interesting, as will the division race between Cincinnati and Baltimore, even though itís the Conference USA of the NFL. If Miami can sneak in, they might surprise.

Over in the NFC, Philadelphia is suddenly right in position for another title run, but the Giants, Packers, 49ers, Bucs and Falcons are all .500 or worse at this point. Should the Packers beat the 49ers, it is almost certain that only two teams will return to the NFC playoffs as well. Upstarts Dallas, Minnesota, Carolina and Seattle will bring a new flavor to this postseason to be sure. When all is said and done, I still feel that St. Louis, who has a slew of guys left from their Super Bowl runs, and Philadelphia will be the teams that decide who represents this conference in Houston.

#1 (1) Kansas City (9-1): The run defense finally cost them, but with Oakland rolling into town they should bounce right back.

#2 (2) Carolina (8-2): Winning close is one thing, but now 7 of their wins are by one score or less. Thatís not the sign of a dominant squad, itís the sign of a lucky one.

#3 (4) New England (8-2): Student shuts out pupil, and they appear to be on a crash course for the Chiefs in the playoffs.

#4 (6) Indianapolis (8-2): Even without their top receiver they put up 38 points and won. That says something about their offense.

#5 (3) Tennessee (8-2): They were due for a lackluster win, but the point is that yet again they won.

#6 (5) Dallas (7-3): Suddenly the Eagles have drawn even and weíll found out how much guts this team has.

#7 (7) Philadelphia (7-3): They are gaining momentum every week, and if the receivers get hot look out.

#8 (8) Seattle (7-3): Quietly they are angling for home field throughout, and if they get it they will be tough to beat.

#9 (9) St. Louis (7-3): They are staggering, but they are winning and plenty more wins lie ahead.

#10 (11) Miami (6-4): It looks like the wild card route for them, but they still have the ability to beat any team out there.

#11 (10) Minnesota (6-4): Ouch. Daunte was bleeding turnovers, and their trip to California delivered two more losses.

#12 (13) Denver (6-4): Plummer is back and all is well for a playoff push in the Rockies.

#13 (14) Green Bay (5-5): Resilient Pack is now only a game back of the Vikes for the division lead.

#14 (16) New Orleans (5-5): They tried to throw their season away, but Deuce wouldnít let it happen.

#15 (21) Cincinnati (5-5): Break up the Bengals. For the first time since 1990 they have hit .500 deep into the season.

#16 (12) Baltimore (5-5): Defense isnít enough to overcome Anthony Wright at quarterback. This team is in trouble.

#17 (17) San Francisco (4-5): A week off sees them knowing exactly what they need to do to get back in the mix, win and win now.

#18 (15) Buffalo (4-6): In a season full of disappointing teams, they have to rank towards the top.

#19 (18) Tampa Bay (4-6): After their third loss in a row, that seventh loss Keyshawn has been talking about is imminent.

#20 (19) Washington (4-6): They have just enough talent to contend, not quite enough to get over the top.

#21 (20) NY Giants (4-6): Fasselís head is on the chopping block, but if Barber could hold the ball theyíd probably be 6-4.

#22 (22) Cleveland (4-6): Blowing out Arizona could have been a statement game, and with no dominant team in their division they are as in it as anyone.

#23 (26) Houston (4-6): Just enough talent to be pesky, but is anyone afraid of playing this team? Hardly.

#24 (23) Pittsburgh (3-7): They keep hitting the snooze button and Iím getting tired of waiting for them to make a run. I donít think it will happen.

#25 (24) NY Jets (3-7): A solid effort and impressive offensive show, but their prospects are dim now.

#26 (27) Detroit (3-7): Well there goes that win streak, and itís back to being horrible.

#27 (28) Chicago (3-7): Great showing and with a little defense at the end they would have had their upset.

#28 (31) Oakland (3-7): Their running game is suddenly lethal, and they will give a few teams hell down the line. Iíd rank them higher, but theyíve lost to the next 3 teams up.

#29 (25) Arizona (3-7): Another loss reminds everyone how bad this team can really be.

#30 (29) Jacksonville (2-8): Gutsy effort on defense, but it still shows up as a loss on the score card.

#31 (30) Atlanta (2-8): It was looking like the Kittner era was rolling until Deuce took over.

#32 (32) San Diego (2-8): Last week was an aberration apparently because Denver absolutely drilled them.

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NFL Power Rankings 11/20/03
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