Melana Scantlin bucks Average Joe by picking Jason Peoples over Adam Mesh

Tuesday, December 09 2003

Contributed by: norcalfella

I’m not sure how many more ways reality TV can twist the boy meets girl scenario, but they’re not giving up any time soon. In this one, former beauty queen Melana Scantlin is brought in thinking she’s the next Trista Rehn only to find 16 funny looking, overweight dudes who’d love to grope her. After weeding it down to the most normal looking three, John Baumgaertner, Zach Cohen and Adam Mesh the show’s twist brought in three “hot” guys to mix it up. That move quickly put John on the loser bus. Then jarhead Zach mouthed off about Melana’s fat cousin (really Melana in a Shallow Hal fat suit) to the guys, earning him a ticket out.

Perhaps the biggest twist was Melana learning that Adam did quite well as a Wall Street trader in New York city. Apparently it wasn’t enough to sway her from Jason People’s good looks even though he is a student/waiter who lives at home.

Season 2 has already been taped and canned. From the preview it features even scarier dudes and much better looking ones that get mixed in. Should be interesting.

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