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Sunday, May 20 2018

Kwame Jackson defeated by Bill Rancic on The Apprentice

EntertainmentCome on, you knew it would be Bill, right? After he successfully coordinated a golf event while Kwame struggled mightily with a big assist from Omarosa's sabotage tactics, it was even more obvious who would win. Now he gets to overlook another big money Trump project, the building of a hotel/condo which fittingly is in his hometown of Chicago. Unlike other reality TV contestants he will have to spend the next year earning his $250,000 instead of walking away with a check.

The quick reunion was priceless. Trump confronts Omarosa about being a bald faced liar and she talks about something else. Then Ereka calls her a flat out liar, which is what she is. Tell me, is Omarosa bi-polar or what's the deal? She is one strange woman and likely the most hated reality TV personality in hitory. For more details on how we got down to Bill and Kwame, push "read more". I don't think I could have made it another day without seeing Donald Trump's gaudy apartment overlooking New York city. It looked like something out of ancient Greece with everything in sight gold plated. Let me tell you, walls of marble aren't cheap. Of course, the opener wasn't all about him.

David Gould was the first to be fired and had two great quotes. The first I'll give verbatum, which is on his NBC profile: "I'm smarter than the competition. I'll out-think them". Then during his ominous limo ride out he sighed something to the effect that there is no correlation between IQ and selling lemonade. Come again? Yeah there is dummy, and running people down like an idiot doesn't get the job done.

You see, job #1 was for the male team (self named Versacorp) to try selling more lemonade than the female team (self named Protege Corporation) given $250 startup cash. It wasn't even close.

The best male moment for me was when wild card Sam Solovey (watch this guy) tried to coerce a fella to buy a cup of lemonade for a thousand bucks. If he had pulled it off, the men would have won the competition.

The best female moment was Tammy Lee taking a lunch break while the others sweated it out. I think I know now why she didn't try out for Survivor.

Pretty hard to tell a whole lot about most of the other folks, but we'll see plenty of clawing and scratching as the weeks go on. Only one person can win the one year "high paying" job for Trump. Any favorites?

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Jason Curis fired on The Apprentice - Sam Solovey survives again
Authored by: norcalfella onFriday, January 16 2004
Bill Rancic might have had the line of the week, and it went something like this - "If you ask Sam what time it is, he'll tell you how to build a clock". Hysterical.

The second episode saw the guys and gals construct ad campaigns for a card that allows high flying execs rent a jet by the hour. The girls took what I thought was the low road by showing images strikingly similar to male genetalia, but I guess that was what they were after because they won. The men had a more straight forward, standard approach.

Ultimately, Jason Curis was undone by his decision as group leader not to meet with the company president for advice on where to take the campaign. That move overshadowed Sam Solovey falling asleep, yes literally, during the task at hand. How can a guy survive after cuddling up on the ground asleep? Well, it makes good television, and Donald Trump isn't about to let a guy like that go. He's too entertaining.

Kwame thrown out as Miss Universe contestant, Nick on Dog Eat Dog?
Authored by: norcalfella onSaturday, June 05 2004
If you watch GSN (formerly Game Show Network) you'll see Nick, the 3rd place Apprentice finisher, during their promos for Dog Eat Dog repeats. Some people are just reality whores I guess.

Apparently Kwame couldn't help but to mingle with the contestants at the recent Miss Universe contest in Ecuador. They threw him out and replaced him with Bill. Nice one Kwame. They apparently are going to let him judge next year to which I say "huh?". By that time no one will remember who the hell he is.

that's my take
Kwame Jackson defeated by Bill Rancic on The Apprentice
Authored by: Davidson onThursday, December 20 2012

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Kwame Jackson defeated by Bill Rancic on The Apprentice
Authored by: Anonymous onThursday, May 17 2018
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