Randi Coy deals with Steven Bailey on My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance

Monday, February 02 2004

Contributed by: norcalfella

Where do they get these people? The premise of this one is whether or not a good looking gal (which incidentally Randy Coy is not) can coerce her family and friends into believing she fell for the Average Joe and follow through with a phony wedding. What Randi Coy doesn't know is that her partner Steven Bailey isn't working with her, he's an actor working to make things more difficult for her. So the show has a little Joe Schmo influence. What I love is that Randy has already quit her job in anticipation of whatever future opportunities this show could provide for her. Yeah, right. I think the show needed a better looking gal because her snotty attitude and "I'm so much better than this disgusting man" routine is a joke. If you're so hot Randi, why aren't you hooked up yet?

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