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Thursday, August 16 2018

Odds to win Super Bowl XXXIX revealed

SportIt fascinates me how they can place a number on the odds of a team winning the Super Bowl prior to the draft, free agency and the critical preseason injuries, but here they are. New England 7-1
Indianapolis 9-1
Philadelphia 10-1
St. Louis 10-1
Tampa Bay 10-1
Tennessee 10-1
Carolina 12-1
Denver 13-1
Green Bay 13-1
Kansas City 15-1
Baltimore 20-1
Dallas 20-1
Miami 20-1
Minnesota 25-1
N.Y. Giants 25-1
N.Y. Jets 25-1
Pittsburgh 25-1
San Francisco 25-1
Atlanta 30-1
Seattle 30-1
Cincinnati 35-1
New Orleans 35-1
Oakland 35-1
Washington 35-1
Buffalo 45-1
Cleveland 45-1
Jacksonville 50-1
Chicago 60-1
San Diego 80-1
Houston 150-1
Arizona 200-1
Detroit 200-1

So in other words don\'t count on a Houston vs. Detroit matchup, while New England vs. Philadelphia is the most likely to happen. I personally think it is silly to put the Eagles at #3 on this list given their trio of consecutive failures in NFC title games (twice at home) and the strong possibility they will start next season with two new starting corners.

Even more insane is to rank Tampa Bay at 10-1 along with proven teams like St. Louis and Tennessee. The Titans took the eventual champs to the brink on their home field in horrible conditions. The Rams gave the NFC champion Panthers their best game in the NFC playoffs before losing in overtime. The Bucs? They were 7-9 with some very ugly losses to the likes of Atlanta and Jacksonville. They also have a very suspect group of wide receivers, sudden uncertainty at quarterback and no running game. Fat chance.

Denver is always given respect because of Shanahan, but I\'d never rate them ahead of Kansas City who has enough offense to make them the AFC West division title favorites by a wide margin. Miami at 20-1 surprises me, I would rate them higher mostly because I think they will finally get rid of Fiedler at quarterback. It is high time they realize they need someone to \"win\" games instead of trying not to lose them.

So who do you think is given too good a chance or too little a chance to win the next big one?
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Odds to win Super Bowl XXXIX revealed
Authored by: norcalfella onSaturday, May 15 2004
I think if I was going to pick a long short horse from this list it would be.... DETROIT. Yes, the Lions. First off, their division is very soft meaning it won't take much for them to slide into the playoffs. Once there, we've seen teams get on a roll. Their offense has just enough studly young talent (Harrington at QB, Williams/Rogers at WR, Jones at RB) to carry them to a surprise run. Betting a buck when the return is 200 might not be a sucker's wager after all.

that's my take

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Odds to win Super Bowl XXXIX revealed
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Odds to win Super Bowl XXXIX revealed
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Odds to win Super Bowl XXXIX revealed
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