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Sunday, July 15 2018

Rachel Veltri and PJ Spillman are Preston Mercer\'s final pair on For Love or Money 3, but is he hiding another secret?

EntertainmentNBC and Bravo are sister stations, so would it be a surprise if For Love or Money 3 bachelor Preston Mercer was bisexual? According to that post on NBC's own message boards, which apparently they don't monitor, he is. Now that would be a twist. In the opener we found out that some girls are playing for a single dollar while others could be looking at up to a million bucks, with a few other denominations in between. Preston skinned the group from 16 to 6 during two eliminations, one before he knew about the dollar amounts (or that this was FLOM) and one after. Interestingly enough, he waved goodbye to a trio of million dollar checks (Johanna before he knew, and Tiniesha and Leslie after he knew) and kept Rachel and Rebekah whose checks are marked for one dollar. I think the producers may have had something to say about that.

If I'm the guy, no girl with a dollar check is sticking around. PJ ($50,000) Jamie ($250,000) Andrea ($500,000) and Ali ($1,000,000) still give him plenty of options for girls with a little cash. The next cuts will be Jamie and either Ali or Rebekah. Something tells me PJ is going to grow on him, even with a lower check.

Rachel Veltri and PJ Spillman are Preston Mercer\'s final pair on For Love or Money 3, but is he hiding another secret? | 4 comments | Create New Account
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Jamie and her $250,000 check are cut
Authored by: norcalfella onTuesday, June 15 2004
Another girl's dream of a big payday went up in smoke and now just five remain. Looks like in coming episodes the girls might be falling for Preston, which I find hard to believe. They do have a nice mix of girls who are in it to find love and just want the cash. PJ has been very sly about her money hungry ways, and made a huge mistake by not switching checks with another girl when she won the opportunity to do so.

First her check value was revealed to her when she was voted most in it for love (ironic, eh?) and subsquently won a coin flip with most in it for money Rachel. Not knowing what the other checks were, she declined the offer, but 3 of the other 5 were much higher (million, $500,000 and $250,000) while the other two were $1.

It remains to be seen if more check switching is in the works or if there are other twists to come.

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