Stacy Leutner is the choice of Marty Okland\'s daughters on Who Wants to Marry My Dad? - Suzanne Penny heartbroken

Thursday, August 05 2004

Contributed by: norcalfella

The senior citizen bachelor, err, Who Wants to Marry My Dad? finally came to an end after being pre-empted by the DNC last week. The younger than they look 20-something daughters of Mary Okland sweated over their final choice, but determined that since daddy Marty Okland wanted Stacy Leutner (who he was obviously more attracted to) over Suzanne Penny they would give him his wish. Suzanne thought she had it in the bag, but really hurt her chances by bickering with Stacy on the final day. Now she just goes back to being a mortgage broker. Stacy, an accountant from Texas, will now have to decide if she can uproot her life (and 14 year old daughter) and move to Denver for Marty. Considering that male suitors on reality TV are currently 0 for 9 counting WWTMMDs first season where Don Mueller and Christina Ferren broke up thanks to geography, don't count on it.

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