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Wednesday, August 15 2018

Why are Democrats a bunch of cowards?

PoliticI would make this a comment on the "Bush Wins" story, 'cept it's too important. You'll recall that, when things went awry in FL in 2000, people turned to the courts. We had to obey the letter of the law, the GOP said. But here are two unexpected developments:
1) Florida's says "allow Nader on the ballot, despite the fact that the initial court ruling says to leave him off", because they might need to overturn that ruling. (and, yeah the Democrats whine about it, but frigging do something. Sue Jeb and his *censored*-of-the moment and have them thrown in jail for corrupting an electoral process.)
2) Bush's campaign may have missed the filing deadline by 1 day to be on the ballot in Florida. The Democrats say they don't want to win on a "technicality"(?) It's possible that the law in question applies to electors and not the Presidential candidates. But sheesh, why not read up on it and, frankly, recognize that the objective is to win the White House. Does anybody have info on the actual law in question (#2)?
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