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Tuesday, July 17 2018

Global poll shows world believes Bush dangerous

PoliticLiving in the U.S., I had the feeling that only David and myself realized how dangerous Bush policies are in general to world safety but a new poll shows that majorities in only 3 of 21 countries polled believe Bush will make the world safer.

Consider the percent of people who are negative about Bush's re-election that in Britain (64 percent), France (75 percent), Germany (77 percent), Turkey (82 percent, Mexico (58 percent) and even supposed "new" Europe leader Italy (54 percent) and friend Australia (61 percent). These are people in supposedly close allie countries. The only bright note is that as a whole The survey found that only 47 percent of those questioned now see U.S. influence in the world as largely negative. So at least a small majority of the world sees us as positive influence. Given Bush won the election by a similar margin and views that as a strong mandate, I'm sure if asked Bush would say that gives him political capital to continue his policies.
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Global poll shows world believes Bush dangerous
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