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Sunday, July 22 2018

Carrie Underwood might be the best of weak set of girls in last American Idol 4 semifinal

EntertainmentIt’s a good thing American Idol gets blockbuster ratings because the singing has been awful. I keep waiting for someone to step up and really turn in a great effort. For now it looks like there are a few good men and not much from the ladies, a big switch from the previous three seasons. I also have to mention that Simon is full of crap for saying that people “aren’t stupid” and vote for the best singers. Yeah, that’s why LaToya London lost out last season to Diana DeGarmo, right? Please. Nikki McKibbin beat out Tamyra Gray who got a role on Boston Public for her talent. Nikki’s claim to fame is being the sister of Toni Ferrari from Paradise Hotel.

As always I will list all the performers in order of how I rate their performances this week, with some references to their cumulative rankings over the first three semifinals.
THE GUYS: Bo Bice is so clearly leading this competition, which I said long before Simon did. Even a marginal effort from him rated him the top among the boys for me this week. Anthony Fedorov is a bit of an enigma. I thought he butchered his Marc Anthony song this week, but my other half really enjoyed it. We’re left with him being not only the second best this week, but also cumulatively. For me Mario Vazquez really bounced back this week and might have saved his behind in the process because I have him at #7 cumulatively. Losing the hat sure helped. Anwar Robinson is annoying, but he wasn’t bad doing “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong and has plenty of fans to carry him through.

Scott Savol is such an interesting character. His personality is terrible, his voice is good and he has a face for radio. He took a chance with “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch” that really didn’t work out and had the unenviable task of opening the show, which can’t help his votes. Last week the performers who went first, third, fourth and fifth were voted out. Nikko Smith got a bit *censored*y this week trying Stevie Wonder’s “Georgia on My Mind” and it didn’t really work out for him so he’s back in trouble. Constantine Maroulis sucks and should have been voted out last week instead of Joseph Murena. This week it was “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” that he ruined. Speaking of bad, Travis Tucker took it to a new low by doing Bobby Brown’s “Every Little Step”. You would think he would notice that Simon scolded Nikko for looking like B-squared last week and would not choose one of his songs.

WHICH GUYS ARE OUT? Do the “Every Little” twins bite the dust? I certainly hope so. Like last week, the nasty little secret that is demographics will creep in as at least one black guy will lose out. I can’t imagine that not being Travis who is clearly last in my cumulative standings. Scott is third in my rankings and Constantine is fifth, so you know who I think has more talent. However, as Anne Robinson always says “It’s votes that count and Scott you are the weakest link – goodbye!”.

THE GIRLS: Kelly Clarkson where are you? I don’t know where to start with this bunch, they’re all so bad. Carrie Underwood I suppose was the best this week and is very likable so she will get a bunch of votes. Jessica Sierra had an odd choice with “The Boys are Back in Town” but is similarly endowed. Speaking of endowed, she sure worked the cleavage this week. Nadia Turner rubs me about the same way as Anwar, but in trying to belt out “Try a Little Tenderness” from Otis Redding she didn’t miss by that much. Vonzell Solomon did the obligatory “Respect” and made my top four this week.

Lindsay Cardinale went with “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” and seems to be sliding by at this point. Amanda Avila probably won’t be so lucky after failing to emulate Tina Turner this week. Janay Castine couldn’t have been much worse this week as she stuttered through a Selena song and after really shining last week is in big trouble. Mikalah Gordon is the female version of Constantine. She is popular, but Barbara Streisand? What?

WHICH GIRLS ARE OUT? Down to eight, reality tells me that like the boys it is time for one of the black contestants to go. Janay was the worst of the three and is gone unless she gets the sympathy vote. Ironically, I rate her at the top of my cumulative standings because the girls have been so awful overall, but just two points (0.66 per week) separate my top six. Mikalah is my lowest rated performer, but has such a following that she won’t go until her “talent” is matched up with the guys. Amanda is coming off a second straight weak showing and I think her time is up, meaning the two who opened the show this week will both be going home.

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American Idol down to the finals
Authored by: norcalfella onThursday, March 10 2005
Well, three out of four ain't bad. As I expected, on the girls side both Amanda Avila and Janay Castine bit the dust. So did Travis Tucker on the boys side. My only miss was a narrow one as Scott Savol just avoided elimination in favor of Nikko Smith.

That leaves me 9 of 12 picking those who will be cut.

I have to say, even before hearing the first round of the final 12 that Scott and Constantine are probably going to be the first out among the males. I really believe Mikalah will skate by for a while on personality, but wouldn't be surprised if she makes an early exit as well. Lindsay has to be considered the other girl on thin ice and might be the first out if you put a gun to my head right now.

Vonzell, Nadia and Anwar will have a much better chance to succeed after Nikko and Travis exited, purely as a numbers game. Carrie and Jessica will battle each other for votes, but should last past the first few cuts. Anthony and Mario have the "nice guy" thing going for them, while Bo has nothing to worry about unless he has a really, really bad week.

One thing is certain, no one will want to perform early as this week's first and second female and fourth and fifth male were axed.

that's my take
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Carrie Underwood might be the best of weak set of girls in last American Idol 4 semifinal
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