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Wednesday, April 26 2017

Mercy, mercy me. Wish it were just the ecology.

PoliticA few quick hits before I go on vacation, about the "foiled terrorist plot".

  • Seems to me that it was successful.  Oh, not at killing people, no.  But killing people is the work of war.  Terrorism is about how many people you affect.  And look at how many people are affected by having to travel nude while facing only forward.
  • I am relieved that there'll be fewer carry-ons.  I mean, come on, people...some of you looked like you were moving houses, there.
  • I don't think I've ever really wavered in saying that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan were dangerous countries.  Yet we considered them allies.  And lo!  Most of the 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia.  And most of the folks in this new plot?  Pakistani.  You know...Pakistan, where ObL is "hiding".  Remember when Afghanistan couldn't/wouldn't hand over the 7' tall Yemeni?  Yeah, we bombed 'em.

  • Let's see...can Joe-security guard really distinguish between the gel insole in your shoe and a "peroxide-based" gel?
  • Can he tell the difference between talcum powder and a crystalline bomb component?
  • Did you know you're more likely to get struck by lightning than by a terrorist attack?
  • If the objective really were death and inconvenience, don't you think, for just a second, that terorists willing to kill themselves for a cause would just go all "Middle East", get in one of those crazy-long security lines at the airport, and blow themselves up?  They'd kill a whole mess of people, and they'd shut down the airport, not just a single plane.  And they'd not even have to worry about concealment...
  • President Bush says this shows that "Islamic fascists" want to kill us.  Did anyone else catch that?  I think that means we're finally ending the War on Terror, successful as it's been, and going after Iran, right?  Because the the WoT wasn't exclusively against Muslims, right?  And you can't be a fascist if you have no governmental authority (like a terrorist wouldn't).
  • When inflight water's $9 a bottle, you'll be glad you have that garotte they call headphones.
  • Historically, the terror threat level alert rainbow sprite thingie's only gone up when some election was impending, or when Bush needed a bump or...distraction for some reason.  Oh, God...what was the misdirection for, this time? 

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Mercy, mercy me. Wish it were just the ecology.
Authored by: dbsmall onSunday, August 27 2006
Looks like Blair is taking cues from Bush; what do you do in the face of an imminent threat?  Vacation, of course.  Kind of makes you wonder how much of a threat he thinks there is.

And hey, wait a second.  You're saying many of those arrested didn't even have plane tickets?  And theat the British wanted to continue surveillance, but announced at the request of the Bush White  House?

Let's be clear...all WWWWhite House activity is a political move.  None of it is for any other reason.  So the urgency of this announcement is curious.  Was this misdirection, to attract our attention from something else?

I mean, I'd dismiss this site as tinfoil hat conspiracy-mongering, 'cept some of the data's compelling---doesn't look like Bin Laden on the confession video, and the heat-collapse stuff is curious, too.

Mercy, mercy me. Wish it were just the ecology.
Authored by: dbsmall onSunday, August 27 2006
At least RyanAir has a sense of humor about it.
Mercy, mercy me. Wish it were just the ecology.
Authored by: dbsmall onTuesday, September 04 2007
Uh-oh. Someone's betting on a crash.
Mercy, mercy me. Wish it were just the ecology.
Authored by: dbsmall onTuesday, April 28 2009
When I first bookmarked it, this Global Incident Map thingie was free, I think.
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