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Thursday, May 25 2017

American Idol finalists naked at my house (about 3 David's)

EntertainmentI've heard from a few people, that my son is a lookalike for David Archuleta.

And I can see what they're talking about.

Last weekend, we were up in Sacramento visiting my mother.  Zachary (my son) really needed a haircut, and we passed one of those "$11 haircut" places, so we went in. The fellow cutting Zachary's hair keeps trying to get him to sing.  And when Zachary's not singing, he's asking me to sing to show him.

(I'm thinking...this "lookalike" thing has gone to far, dude...")

As we're leaving, the hair-cutter looks at me and says, "Tell your wife I think you look like David Cook..." I stop for a second, and say "You mean David Archuleta...that's who people say they think he resembles."

And another hairdresser and her client both turn and say, " look like David Cook."

And I have to say, I can see what they're talking about.  If I were a little younger, grew out my facial hair, and wore contacts, I do resemble the guy.

How about that?  My son and I (neither of whom can really sing) could do lookalike gigs as the American Idol finalists.  (While we are naked at home, I would not do naked lookalike work....for less than $20.)

(And yeah, I'm pathetically hoping that the headline for this article gets it some hits.  At the same time, I'll cry for society when it does.)
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American Idol finalists naked at my house (about 3 David\'s)
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American Idol finalists naked at my house (about 3 David\'s)
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American Idol finalists naked at my house (about 3 David\'s)
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