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Friday, January 19 2018

Entertaining, with a delightful hint of bogosity

PoliticThere are so many concerns about the near-term future of the US:
  1. You have the Tinfoil Hat crowd crowing about a purported stockpiling of coffins by FEMA.
  2. You have the Wingnuts roaring about PD51 being leveraged, either before or after Obama's inaugurated.
  3. The Gold Bugs are warning about imminent hyperinflation, or government insolvency, or whatever.
  4. Various states are demanding bailouts like non-government industries.
  5. Unemployment, blah, blah.
Given all of this, there's some sort of seductive disaster entertainment found in stuff like this report from the WSJ that folks are predicting a John Titor-like breakup of the USA.  Now, it's that "nugget of truth" part that makes it entertaining.  However, it's so obviously wrong... Seriously...the US disbands, and you think Utah and Idaho are going the way of California, instead of the way of Texas?
You think Canada's getting anything?
You think the breakup is, nonetheless, going to naturally fall along existing state boundaries?
And China's going to be stopped by, what, Canada?  Mexico?
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