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Monday, December 18 2017

Frustrated with faux meats


Why do fake "proccessed meats" taste so terrible?  I mean, it's not like bologna or a hot dog tastes like meat.

And, more specificaly, why does nobody make vegetarian Italian dry salame?  It's been about 23 years since I had dry salame, and I still have cravings.  Man, that was good stuff.

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Frustrated with faux meats
Authored by: dbsmall onFriday, December 31 2010




Frustrated with faux meats
Authored by: dbsmall onSaturday, January 01 2011

Wait...vegetarians are slimmer than meat-eaters?  Think about how big I'd be if I ate the delicious "real thing"?

Frustrated with faux meats
Authored by: Bella_023 onThursday, December 08 2016
Processed meats can really taste bad because of the preservatives that they put in to make the meat last for a long time. Like the processed meat stories I've seen from review which are really not delicious and healthy.