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Tuesday, August 21 2018

False Equivalences and Repeated Lies


The shooting in Arizona led to people in politics spouting some of the most frustrating false equivalences and intentional misunderstandings. Virtually none of the coverage was fair or unbiased. And if you came here expecting some intelligent commentary on the news event, you're going to be disappointed. I'm going to provide ranting commentary on the coverage that pervaded every outlet I saw.

Before we get into it, I'll say just this: the nutjob shooter, alone, was responsible for the nutjob shooter's actions (unless we find that someone directed him to go on a murderous rampage...generalized, passion-stirring lunacy doesn't count.)

Now, onto the “one of these things is not like the other” stuff...

“Your words were irresponsible” <> “Your rhetoric was responsible for the event”

I believe it is absolutely true that some of the things public personalities have been saying were terribly irresponsible. And frankly, they knew it. Others have been decrying the inappropriate language for some time, and the speed with which people got “defensive” says a lot about how they truly felt after the event.


“Don't retreat, reload” <> “If they bring a knife, we bring a gun”

See, one of them tells people to commit unprovoked violence.

The other says “if there's going to be a fight, let's make sure we've got the upper hand.”

And being the person who claims they're comparable says “I'm a moron.”


"But they did it too!"<> " It's ok for us to do it."

Honestly, folks, my 8-year old kid understands the basic arithmetic that

wrong + wrong <> right


A comedian <> A political show host and former politician

Jon Stewart is a comedian, people. And Joe Scarborough is a political talk show host.

Wait, they may not do the same job, but honestly, theirs were the two most reasonable opionions I heard/read about the rampage.


Sarah Palin <> A governoning official

No matter how many flags she has behind her in the video, and no matter who writes her speeches, Sarah Palin is just a dimwitted half-term governor of Alaska, who quit.

Oh, don't get me wrong, it's pretty clear that she's going to run for president. Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch are doing their best to both educate her, and give her free publicity, and give her safe places to present (On the Hannity show, on the Beck show, in writing, in scripted moments). And they're going to spend the next 2 years repeating the lie that she's competent and qualified. And they'll take advantage of dissatisfaction with President Obama to compare her to him (as if being disappointed with him means we should have low standards the next time around...?)


Saying the rhetoric has been inappropriate for the last 2 years<>Saying the rhetoric was fine, forever, before the last 2 years

Sarah Palin points out that, historically, disagreements were sometimes settled with duels. To which I say, “So what, dummy?” Is she suggesting that it was okay to settle disagreements with dueling pistols? Or was that wrong, too? 'cause if that was wrong, then let's not bring it up.

Rifle sights <> surveyor's symbols

And, really, backpedalinjg tells us you feel a little bad.


Glenn Beck: <> a sane person

Seriously, Beck asserted that the republic might not survive an attempt on Sarah Palin's life. Think about that for a moment. We survived the assassination of President Lincoln. We survived the attempted assassination of President Reagan. But he isn't sure we'd survive an attempt on the life of someone not in public office, and who has never finished a term in public office?!

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False Equivalences and Repeated Lies
Authored by: Anonymous onWednesday, December 27 2017
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