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Tuesday, August 21 2018

Why do we commemorate 9/11?


Every once in a while, I get a burr in my britches, a story I feel I need to write.  When this happens, it usually is followed by more.  And then I’ve got several stories queued up.  Of course, when this happens, I’m faced with a choice:

1)      Wait until I have time to write the story the way I want

2)      Don’t deprive you of the story, write it stream-of-consciousness, and trust you to appreciate the story despite the writing

I’ve done #1, up until now.  But after sitting on a story since September 12th, I’m going to go with #2.

I was listening to Loudon Wainwright’s fricking brilliant “No Sure Way to Go”, and I realized that, yes, I do still have have some things to say about 9/11.

Commemorating the day we were attacked feels wrong.  If we (the U.S.) had some great point of response, or a reaction, or recovery, then we’d commemorate that date.  That we don’t have such a date, and that we’re worse off than we were on 9/10/2001 makes it feel like an annual commemoration of the day we lost.

The Afghan and Iraq wars, which pushed us over the cliff, spent us into this possibly irrecoverable economic catastrophe, convinced a lot of citizens that it was justifiable to give up our civil liberties in the name of security theater, were not the right response. At the very least, they haven’t yet achieved what we’d hoped.  [Oh, heck, we’re now leaving Iraq, and I don’t know *what* we achieved, other than increasing the power of Iran in the region.]

Killing Osama wasn’t the goal.  I don’t want ObL and his cronies to define the key national event in my lifetime.  This is not success.  The US is too great to let them define us. Seriously, screw 9/11.

That makes me think “who really screwed the US on 9/11”?

Now, there are a large number of Americans who no longer believe we’re a government of the people, for the people , and by the people…we’re a people governed by an authority, an authority that we’re in a continual battle with, which we, like ObL, want to dismantle.  [Honest to God, isn’t it remarkable that the main agenda of the Tea Party movement is identical to Al Qaida’s?]

Let’s Roll!

Melissa Etheridge’s song is about the fact that one of the heroes of Flight 93 on that day was gay.  But now, people want the government to be a weapon to say “F You” to some Americans.

America is too great.

They want to dismantle the part that of the government that does things to help Americans, and only build up the parts that restrict citizens and markets.

America is too great to give up these freedoms.

I’m tired of politely arguing against those who hate the America I love.  I’m no longer going to wrestle with the pigs.

9/11 became a success, a success for those who hate America:

-          Those terrorists who want to control us

-          Those citizens who think America is not great, unless they have more than others, and get to tell others they can’t be free


When the US finally ends, I fear that we will be able to trace the downfall back to 9/11, to George W. Bush’s derelict, reckless response, and to the country’s enthusiastic support for the response.  Screw 9/11.

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Why do we commemorate 9/11?
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