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Monday, July 16 2018

New Directions (and Cleanin' Up)

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  1.  I like the idea of the "One of these things" game, so much, that I've created a new topic for it.  " Games" is where this and any other, similar games can be offered up. Have an idea for a challenge you want to pose to the collective?  Post it to Games.
  2. I think that some of the topics over there (Fantasy Sports, LUSA for those who care) are ready for full-time mothballing.  Unfortunately, I didn't build an archival function for "topics".  What I plan to do: export all of the stories in each topic, into a single HTML or text file, and then delete the topic outright.  Authors (mostly norcalfella) who've posted in those topics, let me know if you have a better idea.
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New Directions (and Cleanin\' Up)
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New Directions (and Cleanin\' Up)
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