On buying a car (part 2)

Saturday, June 08 2013

Contributed by: dbsmall

I bought a Ford Fusion Hybrid, having investigated all of the options, and having previously had a strong bias in favor of Hondas, and against American cars  My past cars were '66 VW Karmann Ghia, '92 Honda Civic Si, and '97 Toyota Avalon.

I should explain why I made the decision I did...

First off, the "King of the Hill" for hybrids is Toyota.  Here in Northern California, the streets are crowded with Priuses.  While I waited for my car to be built, I drove my sister's Prius, and I can promise you, I can't figure out the popularity of these cars.  It's gotta be "gas prices uber alles.  A Prius drives like a handbag strapped to a lawnmower.  Honestly, they have significantly less horsepower and torque than my old '92 Civic, and way considerably more.  But why not a Camry?  Well, gee, I've driven a Toyota Camry, a Solara, a Prius, and my Avalon, and one thing is consistent---Toyota aesthetics favor isolation from the road.  People who like to drive do not drive Toyotas.  If you think I'm wrong, because you love your Toyota, I encourage you to test drive a non-Toyota.

Since I loved Hondas, I could have looked to a Civic Hybrid (or used Accord Hybrid).  But these cars have no trunks, and are so weighed down by the hybrid batteries that they are a bit "muddier" in their handling.

The Hyundai Sonata Hybrid is promising.  It's beautiful inside, and it handles very nicely.  It's sufficiently powered, and reasonably priced.  The one complaint I have is the control software that determines how it uses the electric motor and the gas motor.  When you step on the accellerator, the Sonata Hybrid hesitates, while it makes its decision.  Once the gas motor starts, it's great.  But that hesitation, clearly a software problem, should have been worked out, by now.  It concerns me that they haven't.

Any other hybrids are either too small, or were far too expensive for my consideration

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