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Monday, October 16 2017

Dick Cheney Doesn't Care About Truth; Lindsey Graham's A Fool


 As details emerge  about the NSA's wiretapping/snooping on pretty much everybody's online data, former VP Dick Cheney jumps in to defend it.

"As everybody who's been associated with the program's said, if we had had this before 9/11, when there were two terrorists in San Diego — two hijackers — had been able to use that program, that capability, against that target, we might well have been able to prevent 9/11," Cheney said on "Fox News Sunday."

And Sen. Lindsey Graham, S.C., a hawkish Republican who's vocally defended the NSA practices, suggested another attack is even made more likely if the monitoring is curtailed. 

"I believe we should be listening to terrorists, known terrorist emails, following their emails and following their phone calls. And if they're emailing somebody and the United States or calling a number in the United States, I would like to get a judge's position to monitor that phone call," Graham said on "Meet the Press" on NBC. "If we don't do that, another attack on our homeland is very likely."

 So, without even getting into the politics of the thing, into whether the snooping was justified or not, whether it was right or wrong, there are two quick take-aways:


1) Cheney has used the fear of a 9/11 attack to justify torture, detainment, and now warrantless wiretapping.  More than that, he's said that these things could have prevented 9/11.  You know what else ALMOST CERTAINLY WOULD HAVE PREVENTED 9/11?  If, instead of listening to a private, outside foundation when they dismissed CIA intelligence, you'd listened to the CIA intelligence.  President Bush and VP Cheney did the opposite.  And as a result, they can not be credible in claiming that extra-Constitutional wiretapping is needed to prevent a future event.

2) Lindsey Graham: I agree, we should get a judge's position to monitor that call.  AND NOBODY IS SAYING WE SHOULDN'T BE ALLOWED TO WIRETAP.  Folks are just saying they should be done withing the boundaries of the 4th amendment.

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Dick Cheney Doesn\'t Care About Truth; Lindsey Graham\'s A Fool
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