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Monday, April 23 2018

What's wrong with kids today?

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Glossy news magazines like to characterize generations of kids, as though members have so much in common:

  • Generation X (birthdates from the 1960s to early 1980s) - the MTV generation, doesn't respect authority, is well educated, and is more socially liberal
  • Generation Y (birthdates from early 1980s to early 2000s) - Civic-minded, money-obssessed, and with a narcissistic sense of entitlement
  • Generation Z (birthdates from early 2000s to present) - The "connected" generation grew up with mobile phones, the Internet, and likely unconcerned with ethnicity

While these are fun, I believe there are other characteristics to group people together by.  For example, I propose that we group them by the way in which they get on my nerves.

Today?  I'd like to describe people that annoy me by simultaneously being unable to think for themselves, and beliving they are "the bright ones".  I'll do this by repeating the conversation I heard at the next table at a smoothie stop, in the middle of the last school year after picking my sonl.

A young man and woman were discussing their school (they went to college together), their social groups, politics, and ministry...and with complete, groupthink reinforced confidence, they parroted things their parrents had told them.  It was sufficiently maddening that I immediately wrote it down....

It was like indoctrinated valley girls.


On their social groups: "I'm like still the same person, you know?  I think people are talking about, like, personality. I'm in the clique but I don't really know it."  She just announced that she was unaware of something that her statement contradicted...


On politics: "The Democratic party is committing all kinds of crimes, and their co-conspiritors are helping them cover it up. I know, because my Dad's friend has a picture of <something totally innocuous and unrelated> that PROVES it."


On Minsitry: "Our ministry is so that we can be closer to God, to know that His blessings don't depend on Him, theyd epend on us, and if we pray, it's for us, not for Him, which is how we can live in His love, without judgement, or, you know, like, I am just happy knowing He's paying attention, even if He's not listiening."

Read those, and see if you can even parse some of then.  They're so eager to repeat things, blindly, that they don't even bother to tell something consistent or which makes sense...

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What\'s wrong with kids today?
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What\'s wrong with kids today?
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What\'s wrong with kids today?
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What\'s wrong with kids today?
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What\'s wrong with kids today?
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What\'s wrong with kids today?
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