Ferguson, Wilson, Brown, and Grand Juries

Tuesday, November 25 2014

Contributed by: David Small

Oh, but I've got some reading to do.

Unlike many of you, I wasn't certain I knew what happened when Officer Wilson shot Brown, what happened prior, what the motives were.  Honestly, I wasn't.  It seems like people were confident of Wilson's guilt or innocence.

That is the first reason I figured he'd be indicted...to give the appearance of a full, unsealed investigation, and the arguments made on either side.

I don't really understand the role of a grand jury (as opposed to, say, a government attorney's office) in determining whether to bring charges.

And I don't understand how Officer Wilson's sworn testimony can be so obviously tinged with racism (seriously, read how he describes Brown, all of the connotations in his language in describing the neighborhood...read how he refers to Brown as "it", rather than "he"), and so consistent with the b.s. story the Chief of Police first told and later recanted because it chronologically didn't hold up.

I don't know if this was convictible, but I can't imagine how it's not incredibly indictable.

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