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Sunday, April 23 2017

Slow Carb Foods


When on the diet, I ate a lot of the same meals, over and over.  Here are some of my favorites:


Mid-morning snacks


  • At Trader Joe's, get frozen broccoli florets, frozen grilled cauliflower, a can of black beans, a frozen mixture of lentils & green garbanzos with tomatoes and olive oil, a pack of fake ground beef made from soy protein.  Mix them all together with a bottle of sauce (I like their green Thai curry and Indonesian salsa), and part into 5 or 6 portions to freeze and reheat.


  • Huevos a la mexicana with beans
  • Romain lettuce, greek dressing, cucumbers
  • Athens Burgers "Greek Salad"
  • Subway chopped salad with two veggie patties
  • Chipotle salad without dressing, using sofritas as the protein
  • On some splurgey days, I'll get falafel balls with salad and pickels


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Slow Carb Foods
Authored by: Anonymous onWednesday, November 02 2016
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Slow Carb Foods
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Slow Carb Foods
Authored by: Bella_023 onTuesday, December 27 2016

Might give these foods a try, now that Christmas is almost over, it's about time we plan our fitness training next year.  Shakes in particular can help you loose weight, just replace 1-2 meals of the day with shakes and you'll be okay.  Unlike the food listed via NoNeedtoStudy rating which are not carb friendly at all.


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Slow Carb Foods
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Slow Carb Foods
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Slow Carb Foods
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