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Wednesday, January 18 2017

What's next with diet/exercise?


What will I be doing, next?

1) Postvegetarianism

2) Continued weight loss down to 143 lbs. †(Just like Mr. Rogers!)

3) Running some distance with Lambo

4) Some plyo box experiments to improve my vertical


  • On March 31, I will begin eating moderate amounts of animal products again
    • I'll mostly be vegetarian
    • I'll be less strict---willing to eat small amounts of meat or recipes with broth in them
    • On weekends, I may eat a bit of meat. †But on weekdays, I won't.
    • That way, when I have the opportunity to eat special opportunities---say, a cheesesteak in Philly, or sushi in Hawai'i, I can do so without GI distress
      • In the near future, expect an chance to help me identify these special opportunities
  • I've taken a set of blood labs (including lipid panel, blood panel, B12, vitamin D, fasting glucose, Hemoglobin A1C, liver function, kidney function). †After a year of eating meat again, I'll retake them, and use the results to guide whether to return to vegetarianism or stick with the current model
    • As a side note, despite taking the dog for a couple miles of walking, daily, I am surprisingly vitamin D deficient. †It's easily remedied, and I wish I'd asked for a full set of tests, long ago.

Continued weight loss down to 143 lbs. †(Just like Mr. Rogers!)

  • What's working is working, so I'll keep going the same rate. †Once I get down to 143, I'll be working less on weight loss, and more on body composition.

Running some distance with Lambo

Some plyo box experiments to improve my vertical

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What\'s next with diet/exercise?
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What\'s next with diet/exercise?
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What\'s next with diet/exercise?
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What\'s next with diet/exercise?
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What\'s next with diet/exercise?
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What\'s next with diet/exercise?
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What\'s next with diet/exercise?
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