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Wednesday, July 18 2018

NFL Predictions 2005: Week 1

SportThe season starts when? Tomorrow? Oh, I guess I better make some picks. Before we get to mine let's see what a few of the experts say. This consensus is growing to include bloggers, computer geeks with math models, columnists and everyone with reliable information.

Oakland at New England: pick NE -7 (under 50)

A few experts believe the Raiders can cover the points, but only ESPN's Eric Allen (a former Oakland corner) and MSNBC's Jay Novacek (Dallas tight end hoping the Pats don't exceed his team's 3 of 4 run) believe they will win straight up. Even as a fan of the team, I cannot ignore Collins having issues with holding the football and making poor passes that are intercepted. They might wind up with more total yardage and get blown out. The Pats are far from a perfect team right now, but plenty good enough tonight: New England 26, Oakland 17

The Football Expert picks from all angles and has a straight up head to head

Cam Inman writes for the Contra Costa Times which was my local paper growing up.

Dave Goldberg of the AP is a guy I always try to beat and after his -12 vs. the spread debacle last year he is now chasing me.

Yahoo has Cris Carter, Mike Harmon, Brandon Funston and Larry Beil back on board.

Jim Harmon is the first from CBS Sportsline to get on the ball.

Two Minute Warningchecks in against the spread and with confidence points in their straight up selections.

Sunshine is always good for an out on a limb pick or two, this week it is San Francisco over St. Louis.

Jay Novacek has jewelry from playing tight end for the great Dallas teams and in his column for MSNBC picks the Raiders to shock the Pats.

Fanbay is a place number geeks can get their fix.

4NFLPicks has Jeff and Rich battling it out for site bragging rights.

Zen Zone by Jeff Zillgitt was terrible last year for USA Today but fortunately they have other USA Today experts to save their good name.

Inside the NFL has their four man crew back to pick winners. This begs the question of why Cris Carter is listed as "exclusive" to Yahoo?

CBS Sportslineis now on board with their full group of against the spread choices.

SportzNutz has a stable of pickers at the ready to take on the Vegas line.

Detroit News Online is always one of the tougher links for me to find, but here it is.

Pro Football Weekly puts their staff to work compiling a consensus choice to beat that nasty line.

Peter King of SI and Inside the NFL is in charge of "pickoff". There is a contest based on beating his predictions. There will probably be about 2 million winners assuming 2 million people enter.

ESPN celebrity pickoff is dead, but here is a link to the voting by ESPN users.

ARGH from AOL chimes in with their picks, and I am pretty sure there was some cheating going on last year with their bottom line. This season I will track their won/loss progress along with the rest of my consensus to keep everyone on the up and up. has three prognosticators at the ready.

Sports Central comes in two parts with this actually being the first and contains some funny fake quotes.

Vegas Insider has a large staff of pickers.

Ask the commish joins a growing list for my consensus.

Sports filter has a guy called The Hoser throwing out picks.

Silver Chips Online has four more pickers to join the fun.

Vinnie Iyer of The Sporting News has a blog with fan feedback. He also made a great gesture this week by forwarding his column pre-posting to his eager fans/readers, including yours truly. Keep it up Vinnie!

DJ Boyer is also listed under the SportzNutz pickers (as DJ, duh) but this is a link to his one-liners about each game. After the season he had last year I think he deserves his own link in my list.

Tom Schaller was known to most of you as Bronczilla last year and now has a piece for In The Red Zone.

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NFL Predictions 2005: Week 1
Authored by: norcalfella onSunday, September 11 2005
Houston @ Buffalo: pick HOU +6/under 38

Who can forget the Oilers coming to Rich Stadium and blowing that 35-3 lead in the playoffs. What? This isn't the Oilers? Oh, then I guess it is a battle between two first round quarterbacks. Carr is pretty good and Losman seems a bad start away from Kelly's Heroes banners going up in the stands as they chant for Holcomb. Defense rules in week 1 and the Bills have it: Buffalo 20, Houston 16

Chicago @ Washington: pick WAS -4/under 35

Does 73-0 ring bells? These teams could play about five games and not score that many combined with their defensive prowess and quarterback woes. The D.C. boys have an experience edge at quarterback and a better running back which is good enough for me: Washington 16, Chicago 10

Cincinnati @ Cleveland: pick CIN -3/over 44

As the state mourns what might have been for their Buckeyes will anyone really care what happens in this game? Chad Johnson probably has six touchdown celebrations at the ready. Romeo's debut mirrors his Shakespeare name, it's a tragedy: Cincinnati 33, Cleveland 17

New Orleans @ Carolina: pick CAR -5/under 45

LSU got a fluky, emotional win thanks to two gift touchdowns on blocked kicks and a terrible phanthom touchdown on 4th and 10. Does that mean the football gods will shine on the Saints in lieu of the Katrina disaster? No, because there is no such thing, only shady refs. Panthers roll: Carolina 28, New Orleans 16

Seattle @ Jacksonville: pick JAX -3/under 41

It gets hot and muggy in Florida during the month of September, which makes it tough on visitors. The 'Hawks probably felt like contestants on The Amazing Race after their long flight too. Forget the positive hype about both of these teams, and right now the Jags have way too much defense while their opponent can't stop the run: Jacksonville 23, Seattle 13

NY Jets @ Kansas City: pick NYJ +3.5/over 47.5

This is a good old fashioned AFL game. It should live up to the style of play from that era as well with both teams capable of denting the scoreboard. Trent Green has a weird leg injury and Chad Pennington has a new injury every week. Whichever quarterback lasts will throw a game winning touchdown: NY Jets 34, Kansas City 30

Denver @ Miami: pick DEN -3.5/under 38.5

Back to that weird weather thing and it is combined with Saban probably playing the emotional card with his troops after his LSU roots turned into Venice. It might help for a while, but the Broncos are a lot deeper and better prepared. Maybe Ricky will pretend to smoke on the sidelines again. That would be the only highlight from this snoozer: Denver 16, Miami 9

Tampa Bay @ Minnesota: pick MIN -5/over 43

Gruden wins a title and two years later they want his head. Tice has a string of questionable coaching decisions and still has a job. This confuses me. Cadillac takes his first test spin through the new look Viking defense and probably gets a flat. The pirate ship is sinking thanks to their aging defense, but relief is on the way with a better offense: Minnesota 28, Tampa Bay 17

Tennessee @ Pittsburgh: pick PIT -7/under 40.5

Anyone with a pulse was probably given a look by the Titans after the draft. The Steelers have some injuries in the backfield, but Parker might be better than Staley or Bettis anyway. If you can tell me you think Tennessee's defense is even half as good as Pittsburgh's I will give the visitors a chance. Didn't think so: Pittsburgh 24, Tennesee 6

St. Louis @ San Francisco: pick STL -4/over 46

At some point the Rams are going to move out of this division, and that is probably best because since they left Los Angeles this rivalry has stunk. Rattay gives them a better chance to win and that's like saying Michigan has a better chance to beat the Patriots than your local high school team: St. Louis 34, San Francisco 19

Green Bay @ Detroit: pick GB +3/over 45.5

Favre's life is something I wouldn't wish on anyone with the stuff he has endured. Life goes on and so does the NFL. The Lions have the best paper offense out there and unless this is Madden on the PS2 I don't see how they can win because Harrington can't match the master: Green Bay 27, Detroit 21

Arizona @ NY Giants: pick AZ +3/under 38

Do you think they will have posters welcoming Warner back to New York? Yeah, probably not. I don't have much faith in Eli, who was worse with the same supporting cast last year. Arizona has a younger Barber on their hands in Arrington and much better receivers. They also have a better defense and a win: Arizona 20, NY Giants 16

Dallas @ San Diego: pick SD -5/under 40

The Cowboys will be better when Price joins the receivers and the Chargers will sorely miss Gates. Drew vs. Drew is not going to decide this game, Tomlinson vs. Jones is. LT is the top pick in fantasy leagues worldwide for a reason. Julius might supplant him someday, but not this week: San Diego 24, Dallas 14

Indianapolis @ Baltimore: pick IND -3/under 47.5

Peyton probably wants to prove he can throw on this defense after they mostly held him in check last year. Good luck because no team is better equipped to stop him. Nevertheless, if you think Manning can't engineer at least one good drive and pull this game out over Boller you need a shrink: Indianapolis 14, Baltimore 10

Philadelphia @ Atlanta: pick PHI -1/over 41.5

Enough about TO and Ron Mexico, why is Westbrook being totally disrespected by the Eagles? Okay, enough about him too. The fact is that the green birds are a lot better than the black ones. Distractions are annoying, but under the lights they will show why they have been rolling four seasons in a row: Philadelphia 27, Atlanta 20

that's my take
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NFL Predictions 2005: Week 1
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NFL Predictions 2005: Week 1
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NFL Predictions 2005: Week 1
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NFL Predictions 2005: Week 1
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NFL Predictions 2005: Week 1
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NFL Predictions 2005: Week 1
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NFL Predictions 2005: Week 1
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