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Sunday, August 19 2018

NFL Predictions 2013: Week 12



Oh what a brutal week! The only good thing was going 10-5 straight up (104-58 overall) and moving up to the 26 spot in the field of media pickers. The CBS computer (Prediction Machine) moved to a tie with ESPN’s Ron Jaworski for first place at 112 and while being 8 back seems like a hill I could climb, trust me it’s highly unlikely I will catch them.



Now here comes the bad news. I went 4-9-2 against the spread (73-85-3 overall) and worse yet 5-9-1 on the over/under (90-72-2 overall) where I had been going well most of the year. I had some bad fortune along the way, starting with a TNF game I wanted to call the cliché 24-20 for the Colts which would have given me the over (43) but I stupidly went against the high-scoring trend of those contests. I pushed Arizona/Jacksonville and that’s tough when you a garbage score from the Jags would have given me the win AND the 10 point cover I called for.


Chicago/Baltimore was another tough one, losing the over 43.5 on a game that went to overtime and ended on a field goal 23-20. A half-point? Or how about one point when the Green Bay/NY Giants game finished 27-13 and missed my over call? Notice a trend? Usually I lean under, but this week it hurt me to push over. New Orleans/San Francisco was another one and the field goals killed my shot at over 47.5 with a 23-20 final. The worst was MNF because an awful call at the end cost me a great shot at nearly nailing the final score. Instead of the Pats scoring a touchdown and winning 27-24 (my call was 28-24) with a clean sweep straight up, against the spread and over/under I lost all three! Ouch.


New Orleans (8-2) @ Atlanta (2-8): The league thought they had a great one set up for TNF here, but the Falcons are a shell of the team that went to the NFC title game a season ago. Meanwhile the Saints are out to continue their dominant run through the conference in the hopes of securing home field throughout the playoffs. This is a typical trap game because last week was San Francisco, and next up is a visit to Seattle. Who’s worried about a team with 2 wins?


In the first meeting, New Orleans was firmly focused against a formidable opponent in the season opener. Atlanta still had Julio Jones and built a 10-0 lead after the first quarter. The lead became a 13-10 halftime deficit, and after each team put up a touchdown in the third quarter the home team put the final touches on a 23-17 win with a field goal in the final quarter. Overall it was a defensive struggle, and I expect an entirely different game here.


Not surprisingly both quarterbacks were over 300 yards last time, and neither team reached 100 yards rushing. The Falcons even got a 50-yard run from Steven Jackson to help them and still finished with just 88 yards on the ground. This time, I look for the offenses to open it up. At home we know the Falcons are a lot better. Yes, they’re down. They are also quite proud and will not be taking this game lightly. My evidence is last week, down 38-6 with two minutes left in the third quarter they kept fighting and put up 3 touchdowns.


The Saints would like nothing more than to make this a rout from the jump, and coast as they have done in their four wins that have come by more than one score (8 points). However, three of those were at home. It’s tough to blow teams out on the road, and it’s hard to destroy a team with a talented, albeit struggling, quarterback. On defense New Orleans has the ability to make sure this game doesn’t slip away in trap fashion. They have only let two teams score more than 20 points all season, both were from the AFC (Jets, Patriots) on the road.


On offense, until the late burst last week Atlanta was in a scoring funk positing 13, 10 and 10 points. They are also a bit worn out having played three of the past four on the road and now this short week. I’m more concerned about their failing defense that has now allowed 30-plus points five time this season and while they did hold Drew Brees and company to 23 the first meeting, that’s their season low in points allowed. I’m taking a comfortable win, but I don’t feel all that comfortable about the margin: New Orleans 31, Atlanta 24 (ATL +10/over 52.5)


Tampa Bay (2-8) @ Detroit (6-4): The Lions are such a different team in a dome, especially theirs. The offense in particular is much more effective. They are 3-1 in the Motor City this year having scored 34, 40, 24 and 31 points in those games. The defense isn’t as tough here either (24, 32, 27, 30) but in a shootout are you taking Matthew Stafford, Reggie Bush and Calvin Johnson or Mike Glennon, Bobby Rainey and Vincent Jackson? For me, that’s all this game comes down to.


I look for an exciting matchup here to be honest. I know the Bucs were a mess in their winless first half of the season. Now they have won a couple games on the heels of a near massive upset win at Seattle and feel fairly confident in the spoiler role. This doesn’t feel like a team battling to hold the No. 1 overall draft spot they have now relinquished to Jacksonville. Rainey has energized their running game, Glennon has held the passing game together and the defense is at least getting some stops mixed in.


Overall, I don’t see a ton of defense being played here. This feels like an “over” game to me all the way. Detroit comes home for the first time in a month and their biggest issue is looking ahead to Thanksgiving against Green Bay with huge NFC North implications. Maybe it impacts them, and maybe it doesn’t. I look for the offense to be a bit frustrated after two outings on grass in the elements (Chicago, Pittsburgh) slowed them down. From here on out their only road games (Philadelphia, Minnesota) won’t do that and this is my division champion hands down.


For Tampa Bay to win it will take a big turnover advantage. Rainey is a nice spark, and Jackson is a beast but they won’t be able to outscore them without some help. This is probably a game with possessions ending with touchdowns or field goals barring turnovers. I don’t expect a lot of punts. Home field and the better quarterback all the way, but it’s probably not a rout because the Lions won’t be able to hold the opponent down enough: Detroit 35, Tampa Bay 27 (TB +10/over 48.5)


 Minnesota (2-8) @ Green Bay (5-5): The Packers are trying to stay alive in the NFC North without Aaron Rodgers and thus far it hasn’t gone well. Three straight losses, including the game he couldn’t finish, have put them in third place. Fortunately for them, they control their own destiny with games left at Detroit and Chicago. All Scott Tolzien has to do differently is not turn the ball over. It sounds simple enough, but that’s what Rodgers does so well. In the first meeting, won 44-31 by Green Bay, he was 24-for-29 without a turnover. Neither team turned it over in fact, but Minnesota mustered just 243 total yards and got blown out of the building. They scored the first touchdown on the opening kickoff return and final score in garbage time to make it look close.


I’m left trying to adjust what more or less was a 44-17 win then, so I feel like the Packers are in position to win comfortably here with Tolzien at the helm. They are finally in a good spot to just run the ball as much as possible on their home field and build a lead over a defeated opponent. Last time Eddie Lacy and James Starks combined for 153 yards on 36 carries. I could see them getting more like 45-50 rushes for 175-200 yards this time around against a defense that has been abused all season. The Vikings have allowed 23-plus points every week, and three times on the road have given up 31-plus. Their offense has sparked of late scoring 20-plus in four straight, but it’s not all offense and it’s not all when it matters.


I look at Green Bay allowing exactly 27 points in three straight as more a product of their offense dealing with Rodgers being out than the defense. If they can get on top of a team as they did in this building earlier in the year being Detroit 22-9 and Cleveland 31-13 I think they will be fine. Adrian Peterson is always a threat to make a game like this interesting with long runs, but I think this team overall is just about out of gas. The Pack won’t be looking ahead to Thanksgiving, and they will roll here: Green Bay 28, Minnesota 13 (GB -4.5/under 44)


Jacksonville (1-9) @ Houston (2-8): The wheels have certainly come off for the Texans and it’s unreal to think they still have the league’s best total defense yet have allowed 27, 27 and 28 points the past three weeks in losses and overall have given up 23 points in all but one game. Teams are scoring on them one way or another, and the offense has not been able to keep up. The past four games have been particularly frustrating losing by a total of 12 points. This feels like their spot to break through, but I felt as if last week might have been too.


For the Jags, maybe they are the team destined to get Teddy Bridgewater. The first draft position is theirs for the taking now as long as they keep losing. There is no 0-16 stigma to worry about either. If they couldn’t muster up an effort defensively to stop Arizona on their home field last week, what can we expect on the road against a frustrated offense? Only Oakland has failed to score at least 24 points on this defense, and I don’t see a reason for Houston to be held below that number here. Other than their lone win, the Jaguars have not scored more than 20 points in a any game this season, and going up against a frustrated defense, well you know what I’m saying.


I look for Houston to run, pass, sack, and return their way to a blowout here. They are going to get this same opponent in a couple weeks down in Florida and maybe it’s a different outcome for the rematch, but here where their home fans haven’t seen a win since they beat Tennessee to start the season 2-0 it’s finally time to cut loose. Even if they lose the rematch and finish 3-13 I really expect them to take advantage of the opportunity to beat someone up: Houston 31, Jacksonville 17 (HOU -10/over 43.5)


San Diego (4-6) @ Kansas City (9-1): The Chiefs get their first taste of adversity this season coming off a loss, and it’s an interesting spot because normally I would expect them to be looking ahead to next week’s rematch with Denver. Instead I see them as fired up to be playing at home for the first time in a month against a division rival trying to extinguish another team’s wild card hopes. The Chargers have mostly struggled on the road this season. They caught the Eagles early (33-30 win, week 2) and beat the hopeless Jaguars (24-6) but now have four losses on their ledger including last week in Miami who was playing with a bunch of backups on their offensive line.


For all the praise Philip Rivers gets for his resurgent season, this offense hasn’t been all that explosive. San Diego scored 28-plus in three of their first four games but hasn’t gone over 24 since. We all know Kansas City finally let a team beyond 17 points last week in their 27-17 loss, but this incoming offense doesn’t have nearly the weapons Peyton Manning brought to the table. It’s a rivalry game, and these are usually tight. Jamaal Charles has been held down of late. He is ready to break out. I think this could trickle over to next week when the Chiefs have a good chance of exacting revenge and moving towards the AFC West title with their home fans supporting them. It’s an easy call, but not an easy win. Nothing this team has done has been easy this year: Kansas City 21, San Diego 17 (SD +5/under 42.5)


Carolina (7-3) @ Miami (5-5): The Panthers are on a miracle roll, and I don’t think anyone saw this coming when the left the desert in Arizona following a 22-6 loss and stood 1-3. After beating a quartet of losing teams, albeit in blowout fashion, they dropped San Francisco and New England. Their only task now is to stay focused because with two meetings left against New Orleans it’s very possible for them to win the NFC South.


The Dolphins would love to stay focused as well and last week’s win over San Diego might have steadied them just a little. They are very much alive in the AFC wild card chase. Four of their final six opponents currently have losing records, so it’s there for them to take. I look at their offense, however, and wonder just how they manage to win in this high scoring league. They are seemingly always in that 17-23 range and their defense has only held two opponents below 20 points this season, once being last week’s 20-16 win.


This week I don’t see Miami scoring too much on a stout defense hell bent on gaining respect. This is of course a typical trap game on the road for Carolina. However, they seem angry. I’m not calling them a Super Bowl team at this point, but they are playing a bit like Baltimore when they went on their big run the first time around. This defense is for real. If they can do their job, and it’s going to be tougher without Charles Johnson, I don’t see any way they lose this game. Even with one pass rusher down, the Dolphins are down several guys on the line. It won’t be a rout because few games are: Carolina 20, Miami 16 (MIA +5/under 41)


Pittsburgh (4-6) @ Cleveland (4-6): I love seeing this great rivalry finally have some meaning again in the standings, albeit with two losing teams vying to stay alive in the hunt for a second wild card that almost every team in the conference has a shot at and no one seems to want right now. The Steelers have a really unique opportunity here in just a few short days to stake their claim to a playoff berth or at least remain very much in contention. After this one they immediately turn around and head to Baltimore for a battle on Thanksgiving night. Wins in both games put them at 6-6 with two games against contenders (Miami, rematch with Cleveland) remaining. The downside is that all of their remaining foes are 4-6 or better, and for an inconsistent team to get on a run against fairly good teams is going to be tough.


The Browns come in a bit stung having been blown out at Cincinnati. For a defense that has been talked up, they just allowed 41 points and three other times this year have given up 27-plus. How good are they really? More importantly, how much offense do they have against a sneaky defense capable of shutting teams down, as they did with Detroit in the second half last week. Obviously this team wants to make a move as well, and next week they get hapless Jacksonville. At 6-6 they would be in position to contend, but their final quartet of games is stacked with competitive opponents and three of them are on the road (Pats, Jets, Steelers). Is a team led by Jason Campbell ready to make that push?


Living in the moment this is a big game. Looking forward I don’t see either team getting it done although the Steelers certainly have the veterans starting with Ben Roethlisberger to do it. In this spot, my gut tells me the visitors have just a little more working in their favor. It’s likely to be an ugly game featuring plenty of sacks, turnovers and penalties on both sides. Who really has the better defense here though? Pittsburgh was rolled in New England, but that’s Tom Brady. They gave it up in the first week against Calvin Johnson, and then shut down Detroit when it mattered. Other than that, they have controlled things on the defensive side of the ball since the calendar turned to October.


On offense the Steelers seem to be getting going, having scored 31, 23 and 37 the past three weeks. Here it might not be a point total that high, but they will move the chains. The Browns are flat offensively. If they score more than 17 it’s a good outing. They have done it four times all year, but the defense has let seven teams reach 23-plus. It’s a losing formula. I like the visitors to grind this one out. I’m not all that confident, I just prefer the experienced quarterback and team that has “been there” in a game that has some meaning: Pittsburgh 17, Cleveland 16 (PIT +1/under 40)


Chicago (6-4) @ St. Louis (4-6): No one gets too excited about Josh McCown and Kellen Clemens at the quarterback position, and that’s probably why there is so much emphasis on player safety. These defenses feel better than their rankings in the middle of the pack, and when last seen the Rams definitely looked better than the awful offense they were most of the year prior to blowing out the Colts. The bye week probably came at a bad time for them actually. I’m sure they would have liked to build on that great effort, and maybe had this week offense instead to prepare for two tough road games against division foes (San Francisco, Arizona).


I had sort of written off St. Louis before that big win, and I’m still not sure they can do a lot down the stretch although anything goes in this one. Chicago comes in feeling pretty good after an extended OT win over Baltimore with a weather delay mixed in. It’s more like relief, and they probably don’t feel like a team tied for the division lead (behind on tiebreaker) heading down the stretch. Four of their next five are on the road and next week in Minnesota is their only “breather” game the rest of the way. The NFC playoff race could turn here in favor of the Rams with a big win.


The one thing the Bears haven’t done this year is shut anyone down defensively. All of their opponents have reached 20 points. Their success has been an offense that has posted 23-plus eight times, going 6-2 in those games. The defense has only let a few teams really get down (30, 40, 26, 45) and naturally they were 1-3 in that quartet of outings. On the other side, the Rams have definitely had their moments on defense giving up 13, 14 and 8 out of their past five contests and two of those were on the road. If they come out playing defense like that it’s over before it starts.


Offense has been a huge issue for St. Louis, with totals of 7, 11, 15 and 9 on their ledger. They also have 27, 24, 34, 38 and 38. You can probably figure out they were 0-4 in the low scoring games and 4-1 in the high scoring ones. I’m not trying to just say the team that scores more wins, I’m illustrating the inconsistent nature of both teams on both sides of the ball. Who are the key players to make it happen? It’s probably the running backs Matt Forte and Zac Stacy to start with, but on the Bears I have a hard time seeing their starting wide receivers shut down here even with McCown at quarterback. Yes, the Rams have good starting corners, but eventually they have to get beaten right?


This is a really, really tough game to call. It’s tight throughout I believe. The Rams are trying to get back in the hunt and they are rested off the bye week. Maybe they are getting Tavon Austin more involved in the game plan after he scored pretty much every time he got the ball last time out. He’s just one guy though, and the visitors counter with a group of offensive threats. I think the offensive line holds up with the crowd noise and the more experienced backup quarterback carries the day: Chicago 24, St. Louis 21 (CHI +1/under 46)


NY Jets (5-5) @ Baltimore (4-6): Here’s another game I cringe at having to call. Two suspect offenses against sound defenses should make for a low-scoring game that doesn’t make it to the Red Zone channel very often unless it’s a shot of the field goal kickers. This is a spot for the Jets to bounce back and win following a loss as they have done every time this season, but their luck is bound to run out. Of course, last week I said it the other way around and look what happened.


This time I mean it. Rookie quarterback Geno Smith turns the ball over way too much, three times as much when his team loses, an average of 3 times. On the road it’s harder to protect the ball, that’s a fact. Baltimore has a lot of pride. They are feeling like everyone has written them off and no one respects them as the defending champs. The truth is they haven’t earned it, but at home they are 3-1 with the only loss coming to Aaron Rodgers and the Packers by a 19-17 final. This is a massive drop at the quarterback position compared to that result.


For all the personnel losses on defense, no team since the opener has posted more than 24 points on Baltimore. Their trouble is on offense, namely being unable to score over 20 points in six of their past seven (2-5 record). A little more offense would go a long way. I don’t expect it here, but I do expect enough offense to get the job done. The defense is going to carry them in this one. New York will turn it over and put them in position to cash in. Baltimore can’t run the ball, but they have Joe Flacco at quarterback to make just a few throws in key spots. This is an “under” game for me, and an ugly one: Baltimore 16, NY Jets 13 (NYJ +4/under 39.5)


Tennessee (4-6) @ Oakland (4-6): Here we go again, two more teams with unimpressive records battling to stay alive in the AFC wild card chase. Mediocre describes both teams on both sides of the ball. The Titans have more offense than defense while the Raiders are flat average either way. Usually I say the Black Hole is a tough place to play, but the Eagles proved that wrong just a few weeks ago with a 49-20 blowout here. I still think it’s easier for Oakland to win here, but it’s not a huge advantage. Tennessee has veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and he won’t be too rattled. This team has been competitive on the road at 2-2 with all four games decided by 6 or 7 points.


As I’ve said, the Raiders are probably better with Rashad Jennings running the ball. The Titans have given up plenty of points this year, 26-plus in four of their last six games, and two of those (St. Louis, Jacksonville) were against teams without a lot of threats on offense. Oakland loses Denarius Moore, but rookie Matt McGloin can throw the ball a little if last week is any indication. I’m interested to see his second outing because at home he should be even more comfortable.


Last week was a bit of a breakthrough offensively for the Silver and Black, scoring a season high 28 points, but two of their touchdowns came when handed the ball in the red zone. Still, cashing in for six is a big deal. Their defense has faded a bit recently, but it’s still decent. Tennessee might or might not get anything out of Chris Johnson running the ball. It seems to depend on his mood. They have good, not great receiving options. This is a boring game for me, and I like the home team just a little better. It’s a nervous pick though: Oakland 24, Tennessee 21 (OAK +1/over 41)


Indianapolis (7-3) @ Arizona (6-4): Emotions will be running high for Bruce Arians as he leads his new team against the one he helped get to the playoffs last year. Ultimately, advantage Cards in a big way because of that knowledge. His defense will be well prepared for Andrew Luck and the crowd noise in this stadium is a huge edge as well. The Colts are worse on offense without Reggie Wayne and while it makes more sense to use Donald Brown more and leave Trent Richardson on the bench, not having two backs to work with also weakens them.


Overall the defensive edge goes to Arizona for sure, and their offense really isn’t much worse in the current form of both teams. They have Michael Floyd emerging, and veteran quarterback Carson Palmer just needs to avoid turning it over. If they are playing with a lead it becomes easier to do. The Cards have now scored exactly 27 points in three straight outings, all wins. Granted, the teams they have beaten are all awful (Atlanta, Houston, Jacksonville) but the confidence is building. I learned a lesson dismissing a winning streak by Carolina because of suspect competition.


To their credit Indianapolis recovered from a blowout loss in just a few days time, erasing an early deficit to win 30-27 at Tennessee on TNF. Extra time off certainly helps their cause, but this defense has been beaten up badly in their last six outings allowing 24-plus points five times. The offense has bailed the defense out, winning games in which they allowed 28, 33, 24 and 27 points. I don’t see it happening here.


It’s hard to beat a team that has intimate knowledge of your system. We saw it with New Orleans torching Dallas because Rob Ryan passed along defensive personnel information to his offense. The same goes for the Arizona defense here. I think they can dominate this game and force Luck into a lot of bad throws. Palmer needs to stay out of those poor decisions and instead get the ball to Fitzgerald, Floyd and Housler when they’re open which should be often. I think they win the turnover battle and that’s the difference: Arizona 27, Indianapolis 23 (AZ -1/over 45)


Dallas (5-5) @ NY Giants (4-6): Yikes, do I have to pick a winner here? The Giants lost the first meeting 36-31, but turned it over 6 times and had a lot more total yards (478-331). They lost the time of possession 37:10 to 22:50 because they kept giving the ball away. It took an awful lot for them to lose, including two scores by the Cowboys on defense. A lot has changed, including New York having Andre Brown available at running back and of course the home field advantage, notably windy conditions.


The Cowboys can’t run the ball a lick. It has kept their offense from being an elite unit. When the Giants couldn’t run, Eli Manning was forced to throw too much and kept turning it over. Now he has settled down and the team that was once 0-6 has managed to work their way back into reasonable contention. Dallas has the league’s worst defense and their offense isn’t good enough to carry them. I’m not sure the bye week gave them enough time to get anything fixed. Five times they have given up 30-plus points this year, three of those on the road. They have scored 16-21 points on four occasions, all of them coming away from home. It’s a bad recipe.


Beyond that, Dallas has a short turnaround for Thanksgiving at home against Oakland. I wouldn’t think their attention would be divided, and I assume the focus is firmly on a division rival, but did they spend any time prepping for the Raiders while they were off? I like teams on a roll. New York is getting it together. Certainly their wins can be dismissed, coming over bad teams (Minnesota, Oakland) or last week getting Green Bay without Aaron Rodgers, but I see the defense stepping up and that’s the difference. Plus, they don’t want to waste this run. Their focus is on this game and it will show in the final result: NY Giants 21, Dallas 20 (DAL +3/under 45.5)


Denver (9-1) @ New England (7-3): How could SNF not air this game? It’s Peyton Manning and Tom Brady! The offenses are ready to get down to business here, and the defenses are probably in trouble. Both stop units are slightly below average, so it seems like a high scoring affair is in order. Of course, it doesn’t always work out that way. I know the Patriots are going to be up for this one. They are mad about the ending of last week’s game, and I like them when they are in this mode. It would seem like the Broncos are going to be amped up as well for a second straight SNF tilt, but how much do they need this game? If they lose, next week is still more important in the rematch at Kansas City where home field in the AFC playoffs will probably be decided.


Let’s be honest, does anyone think Tennessee, San Diego, Houston or Oakland have a chance to beat the Broncos? If not, they won’t be caught for the top seed unless they lose this week and next week both. I’m not sure they get the sweep, and I see this as a spot for them to let up in between the two games with their division rivals. Plus, this offense is going to put more pressure on their defense than more teams on their schedule thus far. When they faced offenses with weapons like Dallas and Indianapolis (with Reggie Wayne) they allowed 48 and 39 points respectively.


I like Brady to have his way with this defense all night long to be honest. He has his weapons healthy, and if they can put up 20 on a great defense like Carolina on the road last week I have no issues expecting more than 30 here. It wasn’t a problem for them to slay another great offense (New Orleans) in this stadium last month, so what’s the issue here? Maybe I’m overconfident in this pick, but I like the Pats all the way. Their offense is too much for a defense that has been beaten a lot. Multiple running backs, a stud tight end and explosive rookie wide receivers are enough to carry Brady’s side: New England 30, Denver 23 (NE +2.5/under 54)


San Francisco (6-4) @ Washington (3-7): At some point I hope the league starts to flex the MNF schedule. I realize it would have to be done several weeks in advance, but let’s hope they get on it. This is nowhere close to the appeal of several other games this week, even 4-6 AFC teams clashing to stay in the wild card chase. The Redskins are ready to be put in the coffin for a national audience. Robert Griffin III’s marriage with the Shanahans is not going well. Kyle is the most likely scapegoat, but that’s a story for another day.


On this night, Griffin has to run for his life. Washington has lost Leonard Hankerson and has tight end Jordan Reed out with a concussion. They are down to Pierre Garcon getting doubled up all night so passing is going to get ugly. They can still run the ball on San Francisco and hope for the best. The 49ers have been susceptible to that at time this year, but I don’t see them getting punched in the mouth by a losing team in a game they absolutely have to win. Their duo of inside linebackers is too good for that.


The Redskins can definitely stay close here by running the ball and punting, while playing sound defense. The 49ers are awful on offense right now. They were scoring mostly through smoke and mirrors when they put up totals of 35, 34, 32, 31 and 42 points while winning five in a row. The smoke has dissipated, leaving opponents who now realize Colin Kaepernick has no one to catch his passes and he’s not that fast when he runs. They can rely on the defense here and get by, but going forward it’s going to take changes for them to make noise in the playoffs.


I like Washington to throw the kitchen sink and make things interesting for a while. Maybe Griffin runs like it’s 2012 and they fake some kicks, stuff like that. San Francisco is built to win on the road and going east is no big deal for them. They got an extra day to prepare and will be focused considering their current record. This is a game they know they have to win. It won’t be pretty though, and it won’t be a rout: San Francisco 20, Washington 17 (WAS +6/under 47)


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NFL Predictions 2013: Week 12
Authored by: dbsmall onSaturday, November 23 2013

For now, I'm 106-56 in straight-up picks, which I think still has me ahead of him.

This week:

I don't think any of these should need explanation, except possibly OAK or PIT. OAK is winning ugly. And I can just not pick CLE. That's your answer...

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NFL Predictions 2013: Week 12
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