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Tuesday, August 21 2018

At least he's learning to write.


As my Goodreads friends know, I'm making my way through the Sword of Truth series.  It's derivative, and he's a lousy writer.  But the story is HIGHLY entertaining at times.  And the characters, once very similar and thin in the first book, have become richer and more realistic in the 3rd.

And then, I found out that there's a TV show, Legend of the Seeker.  While based on the same characters, and sharing *some* plot elements with the books, they're like a whole different series.  We're watching one episode a night, after my son does his homework, and before his shower...

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Authored by: baldwin bale onSaturday, February 18 2017
I haven't seen the Legend of the Seeker series yet although the Sword of Truth series is what I've been through with after reading suggestions from an essay writing service. They haven't disappointed me in that aspect thus far and I'm hoping it taking an inclining curve only.
At least he\'s learning to write.
Authored by: benjaminsunners onTuesday, November 21 2017
Legeng of Seeker is my favourite tv show! I watched it all the time, even at my work at† Stay strong!
At least he\'s learning to write.
Authored by: Anonymous onThursday, May 24 2018
Well, thatís great that you are learning to write through Sword of Truth. I soon expect to see you work on This site will open amazing opportunities for you in the future.