What Kind of Dog is Lamborghini?

Sunday, January 25 2015

Contributed by: dbsmall

I've sent in the DNA Swabs to help identify Lambo's breed.  And I'm turning into a contest for folks who want to take a guess.  Because right now, this is how walking the dog goes for me.

Here's the deal: on February 10th (or as soon, thereafter, as I have them), I will reveal the test results.

(So, you can see that there are bigger winnings to pick a breed that fewer other players guess, but which comprises at least 1/4 of Lambo's tested heredity.)

Here's some information that may help you guess (besides looking at the pictures I've posted on Facebook).  She's about 10 months old, and about 54 lbs. The following are the guesses people have made when meeting Lambo (in roughly the order I heard them):

Labrador Retreiver

Why she might be: She loves water.  She's an indiscriminate eater.  She has a fair amount of webbing in her toes.  The base of her tail is wide, like a beaver. Soft mouth.  Very predatorial with birds.

Why she might not be: She's not double-coated. Her upper lips do not hang past her lower lips. She's not that big.


Australian Cattle Dog

Why she might be: She has herding behaviors.  She has a broad skull.  When her ears stand up, they look very cattle-doggy.  She is quick and agile.

Why she might not be:  She is not particularly coordinated (e.g., for catching airborne objects).  She lacks the mottled cattle-dog coloring.


American Pit Bull Terrier (note: AKC doesn't recognize APBT as a breed.  I don't know whether it'll be dna-identified as AmStaff or some other terrier.)

Why she might be: Broad skull.  Is sometimes a bit dominant with much smaller dogs. Ear positioning and sometimes half-prick posture. Apparently a wrinkle in her lower lip (though I don't know what this refers to).  No matter how growly she gets, on occasion, she seems to tolerate any children.  Deep chest.  Can be terrier-committed to digging.  She was a central valley stray.

Why she might not be: She isn't as muscular as a typical APBT.   She has much longer hair than an APBT.  She does not show animal aggression, at least in any significant way. Ears are way too long.


Border Collie

Why she might be: She's very eager to learn, and has the Collie eyes.  Black body, white chest and paws.

Why she might not be:  So far, she doesn't appear to be the master frisbee player, AND THAT CAN'T BE ALL ME.  She's broader framed and skulled.


Australian Kelpie

Why she might be: She has a very kelpie profile, and likes to herd.

Why she might not be: She doesn't have the long narrow skull.  Kelpies are uncommon in the U.S.


Patterdale Terrier (AKC doesn't recognize Patterdale.  I suspect that would come back as Jack Russell, but I don't know.)

Why she might be:  Apparently, her face and coloring precisely matches the patterdale down the street.

Why she might not be: She's far too big.

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