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Thursday, April 26 2018

Latoya London waves aloha to American Idol 3 finals in another voting debacle

EntertainmentI\'ll be the first to admit that there were 8 songs performed this week by the four remaining finalists and 7 of them were below average. The only good showing was Diana Degarmo who had the \"hammer\" and used it by turning in a great showing just before the phone lines were turned on. To that end, anyone could have gone home. If only Simon Cowell had just shut up! He should know better. Every time he opens his mouth and some sad sack singer starts crying on stage you know people are going to feel sorry for him/her and start voting. As it turns out, there were an equal amount of votes registered as people living in Hawaii, including chidren! The Aloha state went crazy and now the final good singer of the holy trinity joins Amy Adams and Jennifer Hudson on the sidelines.

At this point does anyone care who wins? Jasmine Trias is horrible. She should be making five bucks an hour singing at a theme restaurant in Nebraska. Fantasia Barrino has really started to lose it, especially since Cowell has been pouring praise on her. She has stunk for several performances now. Diana Degarmo should be on Survivor because she would win it with her flying under the radar style. At this point I think she is the favorite to win, which is scary.

Either way, Hudson and London are probably going to be the most successful in terms of record sales out of this group which marks a disturbing trend for AI after last year\'s runner-up completely upstaged the winner. Do you really think any of this top 3 is anywhere close to where Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson are in terms of talent? If you do, Arkham has an opening.
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