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Monday, July 16 2018

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Science Schmience
Authored by: dbsmall onWednesday, September 10 2003
1) Uh, sure. Other countries have been extolling the virtues of tea for centuries. One strength of the scientific method is that it generates good results. But good results can take time to generate. An alternative might be to go with other cultures\' traditions instead of evaluating them scientifically. Of course, this might lead to us eating the brains of our ancestors, drinking all sorts of fermented leaf runoff, and mutilating the genitals of our daughters. (dbsmall gets a little testy at criticism of my savior---in a purely nonreligous sense---the scientific method)

2) There are also cases in which cultures and religions and science all agree, and most folks still don\'t follow their lead. For example, the book of Genesis clearly suggests minimal consumption of animals, Hindus are strict vegetarians, and science suggests that vegetarians are less prone to heart attacks, kidney stones, several cancers, and other bad stuff. But y\'all still eat beef, don\'t you?

3) Mmmm...I\'m a fan of herbal teas, too. I strongly recommend visiting the Celestial Seasonings factory in Boulder, CO, and going into the peppermint room. Your sinuses will thank you.