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Tuesday, August 21 2018

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Who do you hope wins the CA recall election?
Authored by: dbsmall onTuesday, September 23 2003
I agree on the cigarette tax. Hell, actually, I disagree with all regressive (e.g., \"sales\") tax. They tend to burden the poor more than the wealthy, as they\'re not income-driven. Of course, I\'d also like to see cigarette smoking illegal in public places, but most people don\'t care for my draconian measures. (Strange, but they seem fine with laws forbidding public urination...)

I also agree that there were no strong candidates in the last election.

But where I disagree is on the merit of \"recalling\" a clown. He was elected. The things he\'s being accused of are either:
* not new information since he was elected
* an effect of the environment (e.g., dot-com bust)
* President Bush\'s fault (irresonsible tax cuts force the states to either raise taxes or suffer deficits, for example)
And so, I\'m afraid, recalling him sets a bad precedent. Any time we (the voting public) decides we don\'t like a decision we made, we can just declare a \"do over\".