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Sunday, July 22 2018

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Ant and Sean Kent get canned, elimination process speeds up
Authored by: norcalfella onTuesday, September 28 2004
I was a little surprised at the voting this week. Sure, Sean Kent isn't good but he is a little better than Geoff Brown people. Ant probably deserved another week and apparently Kathleen Madigan has finally found a following while Todd Glass picked up some votes with his pathetic plea.

Overall Season 2 moved to 4-0 in the total votes category and is now $200,000 richer. This week the format changed and the of the 3 comics sent to the stage only one will survive. They also sent up Louie Anderson and Carrot Top as guest comics. Both were really funny and I was surprised by CT because his "call collect" commercials are annoying as hell.

Season 1 sent their top two finishers in the form of Dat Phan and Ralphie May plus powerhouse Dave Mordal. It's going to be a tough call. Ralphie's set seemed rushed and was littered with racial jokes. Dave was unspectacular and Dat resorted to some old material. I still like Dat's chances, but really any of them could wind up with the spot.

Season 2 put up Kathleen Madigan, their winner John Heffron and Jay London. Obviously Jay is dead meat, and it seems that even though Kathleen earned some votes last week she probably doesn't have enough momentum to unseat John.

This week will be a roast and the same format of one comic left standing out of three exists. Season 1 has Rich Vos, Tess Drake and Geoff Brown giving Rich a great chance to advance. Season 2 has Gary Gulman, Alonzo Bodden and Todd Glass so expect a tough showdown between Gary and Alonzo. Amazingly, Gary wanted to do the roast after he struggled in it during LCS2. Worse yet, Alonzo was the roast winner.

With 4 comics left after these eliminations you can expect a wild card episode where another 2 comics earn spots in the finals. The loser of the Dat/Dave/Ralphie and Gary/Alonzo showdowns are likely to earn those spots.

that's my take