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Monday, July 23 2018

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John Palyok and Mia Galeotalanza are the victims of respective tribal councils
Authored by: norcalfella onFriday, October 01 2004
In one of the dumbest "twists" I have ever seen, Survivor stooped to gimmickry to shake things up. That meant rendering the team immunity challenge almost meaningless since both teams were forced to go to tribal council. The winning male tribe benefited by winning a reward of some fishing equipment and competed for an individuality immunity necklace, which was won by John Kenney. I doubt he would have been voted out.

He took full advantage of the trip he won to the opposing tribe where he would be able to give immunity to one of the girls though, getting them to reveal their alliances. How dumb are they?

Eliza Orlins voting out Dolly Neely last week continued to crumble the younger girls "alliance" although to use that word you need to stick together, which they haven't. This time it was Ami Cusack turning away from the younger group to oust Mia instead of sending her to a 4-4 tie with 41 year old annoying as hell Twila Tanner. Imagine the horror of the male tribe when they realize Mia's expanded rack won't be involved in the merge. Incidentally, Ami was the one John gave immunity to which was meaningless and he knew it.

Back to the boys, the Fat Five continued to dominate even with the younger guys trying to get Lea Masters (aka Sarge) to join them. The rationale was that stronger men could win challenges down the road, but it fell on deaf ears. John Paylok (aka J.P.) revealed this week on a morning show that Sarge had approached them on the first day to form an alliance and they shunned him - whoops! J.P. lost a 5-3 vote to another annoying cast member Rory Freeman and at 31 became the oldest of the first 4 voted out.

At this point just 4 people remain who are under 35 and only two of them are under 31. With Big Brother getting better ratings by playing to the young crowd I would not be surprised to see Burnett step in with a tribe switch pretty quickly so all his young eye candy doesn't keep walking out the door. No one wants to see Scout, Twila, Sarge and Rory in the final four.

This week Brady Finta, an FBI agent, will try fishing as a way to keep himself off the block. At 33 he is the same age as two others on his tribe, but is still associated with the younger guys because of his physique.

that's my take