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Sunday, July 22 2018

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John Heffron and Dave Mordal advance to Final 4
Authored by: norcalfella onThursday, September 30 2004
One winner moved on, the other was kicked to the curb this week. After the inevitable announcement that season 2 again won the cash for the week we got a mildly amusing roast. The best line might have been host Geoffrey Ross saying Tess Drake "has it going on all right, going on 265!". That and the fact that everyone ripped Ralphie May.

Season 1 is probably sending Rich Vos to the finals. I just can't fathom Geoff Brown getting any votes other than from his mailman and mother. Tess Drake is horrible and worse yet with two other black people on the night she can't even count on that vote. Rich moves on because he is the best of the worst.

Season 2 has a more intriguing situation. Gary Gulman took Alonzo Bodden head on and probably won. He got fewer votes on finale night of LCS2, but I think with the situation of voting for 6 comics he will win this one. Todd Glass doesn't stand a chance.

Season 2 winner John Heffron easily moved into the finals, and Kathleen Madigan couldn't even muster enough votes to beat Jay London. Season 1 winner Dat Phan wasn't so lucky, coming in dead last in his group. Ralphie May took second, and Dave Mordal apparently has a following from his success on the road because he won.

If it does boil down to Dave, Rich, Gary and John it will really be anyone's game other than Rich. He is odd man out. Gary should win on talent, but doesn't have the following of Dave or the recent show of strength that John has. Still, a big set could change all that.

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