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Monday, July 23 2018

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Brady Finta is latest victim of Fat Five
Authored by: norcalfella onMonday, October 11 2004
This is turning out to be the worst Survivor season ever. It is almost bad enough to send the show into oblivion, but thankfully Burnett is finally shaking up the tribes although it is a week too late for Brady Finta. He is the latest of the young, athletic men to be voted out by the cast of Average Joe, also known as the Fat Five.

Now hopefully the pull of the buffs will turn out one tribe with all the old people and the other with what is left of the younger crowd. We are now down to just three people under 31 and I would love to see Eliza and John K in the same tribe, those little back stabbing young'ins. Mix in Ami, Travis and Chris and at least you'd have a tribe of six at 33 or under.

The way it looks, we are going to see some old folks in the final five for sure. Not good television...

that's my take