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Sunday, July 22 2018

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Last Comic Standing finale moved to Comedy Central
Authored by: norcalfella onWednesday, October 13 2004
In a bizarre, stupid move by NBC, they cut the finale of their Last Comic Standing: Battle of the Best. Then a few days later they shoved it off on Comedy Central, but before they did they announced the winner (I won't here until it airs) on their website. That's real classy.

Look, the show might not have done well in its third incarnation, but they should have seen this coming. There was no house drama, no challenges and no elements that remind you of Big Brother, Real World or Survivor. It's pretty easy to see why the ratings fell, the comics aren't funny! If they were in fact funny, this format would have boomed. I saw a guy on O'Brien last night who was better than 95% of the entrants to LCS.

The bottom line here is that ABC is making leaps and bounds this season with a fresh Bachelor plus hot dramas in Lost and Desperate Housewives. NBC is flailing without Friends, Frasier and Ed. Joey hasn't provided that big of a spark and unless The Biggest Loser (a weight loss show) does well I think it is fair to say that the #3 or possibly #4 spot could be in their future...

that's my take