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Monday, July 23 2018

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Travis Sampson gone after tribe switch
Authored by: norcalfella onFriday, October 15 2004
When the tribes were divied up by Scout, Sarge had a chance to choose which one he wanted to be in and then Lisa had the same decision. We were left with a 5-2 female edge in one tribe and a 4-2 male advantage in the other. This left Fat Five member Travis on the short end with only Rory in his group.

In a move that has been called stupid by many, he tried to signal to his buddy Chris on the other tribe to throw the immunity challenge in order to vote one of the women off since that tribe had the male/female numbers. This was actually great strategizing and made a ton of sense. If I was one of the three members in the Fat Five, I would have sit on my ass during three consecutive immunity challenges. The first I wouldn't have made obvious just in case young John joined the two women and locked up the vote 3-3. After that, they could have plucked the other woman, then John. Then, at the merge the entire Fat Five would have a straight up shot to battle the five women.

This made a lot more sense than people give "Bubba" credit for, even though trying it at that point might not have been his best move in retrospect. The fact is that he had no other opportunity and gave it his best shot. Had he not done this he was 50/50 to get voted out anyway.

that's my take