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Monday, July 23 2018

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John Kenney gone as young, good looking continue to exit
Authored by: norcalfella onFriday, October 29 2004
If this was a soap opera it wouldn't be Young and the Restless or Bold and the Beautiful that's for sure. It might be One Life to Live, but based on the age of the remaining players it should be General Hospital.

John Kenney was turned on by his fellow men even with a shot to take out one of their tribe's female players in lieu of what figures to be a merge this week at 10. This falls into the category of dumb as a box of rocks. With a chance to go in 5-5, again the genders screw it up and now the men trail 6-4.

Now we've got 3 of the Fat Five's remaining 4 trying to buddy up to Twila who they have told they will align with. That was great until Julie (at 23 one of the few young people left) lied to Twila claiming they made similar promises to her. Then the other FF member Rory has been on the other tribe attempting to get in with the women, which he believes he was unsuccessful at and I agree.

That leave the Fat Four hoping they can hold onto Twila and at least force a tie in the vote. They may also be able to buy a few more days by getting them to turn on Eliza or better yet use Eliza to vote one of them out. There is a chance Sarge (aka Lea) could convince Scout, who he has grown close with, to vote that way at least this week.

Then there is talk of the women hoping that their all-female alliance can be the first to take it through to the end without breaking up, which certainly muddies the waters.

I think this week Eliza's number is up. No one trusts her, she has flipped regularly and it will give the remaining players a few extra days to figure out what they are going to do now that the merge has happened. At that point, I could easily see Scout and Twila joining the Fat Four or at least Sarge, Chris and Chad to form an alliance of 5. If they include Rory it would probably only last until the final 6. That means Julie, Leann and Ami would go, likely in that order, followed by Rory.

At five, they are going to realize letting Chad, who is missing a leg, go any farther along is a mistake because no one will beat him in the finals. After his cut, Scout goes for the same reason since she would draw the sympathy old person vote. Twila is next because the men wouldn't turn on one another. Could be really be looking at Sarge and Chris in the finals?

The other scenario is the women sticking together. That would simply mean cutting Chris, Chad, Rory and Sarge in that order leaving a final six pack of women. Show history tells us this will never happen, but indulge me. At that point Twila, Scout and Leann will bond up with Ami, Eliza and Julie sticking together. It is a virtual coin flip as to who goes out which tells me that at 7 Sarge will be used to oust one of the younger girls - Eliza. The other two young girls follow and Sarge is cut next. Twila and Scout certainly would cut Leann unless she wins immunity and both of these scenarios scare me.

that's my take